Posted by: octogirl7 | December 15, 2014

and another year older…

Hey sports fans!  I just added another digit to the age category….and if I could find where the computer hid the photo, you’d have that too!  Once Alex gets out of the shower, I’ll send..

So we have big plans for the day.  Breakfast at Les Philosophes, which we  heard was a good place and is near-ish to our apartment. Then Galignani, an English bookstore. Then Galeries Lafayette, which has an upside down Christmas tree in the middle.  The store is several levels, but empty in the middle, so the tree is supposedly hanging in the middle area.  This is the place where we were able to go to the top and see most of Paris!  I’m excited. I have been following them online and am looking forward to seeing what they have going…and hoping for no crowds.

So far, the experts have been right: not many crowds.  I’m not sure how many people do last minute Christmas shopping, but we will see.  After breakfast, I think we’ll visit Poilane, a famous bread baking place in the Marais. I was surprised to see online how many stores they have. MANY!  But the bread is great (we bought some with walnuts at the Monoprix yesterday) and they are said to have gingerbread.

Yesterday,  being foot-tired from the Rouen trip and train standing, we lazed around.  We found a very nice restaurant in the Place des Vosges, also nearby, called Nectarine.  (Surprisingly, they didn’t have any…..) But I had Coq au Vin and Alex had Boeuf Bourgignon. Both were excellent and by excellent I mean neither of us had room for Creme Brulee! Can you believe?

Awfully glad that Alex brought his laptop, as we can download my pix.  We don’t have to worry about losing them.  A big relief to me, Ms. 200+ photos per day!  Yes, Alex IS patient, isn’t he?

Well, the birthday Empress is heading out for breakfast.  TTYL!


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