Posted by: octogirl7 | December 7, 2014

Well, I said to hubby…

I said to my loving hubby that I didn’t feel like writing a post today…and wondered if anyone would notice!

He raised his hand.

So with that sweet invitation, here goes:

One only! Tako that is.  Can you believe?  The water over the reef in the middle was good, but on either side, junk. Not sure why, other than those areas have the incoming water from the channels, so it brings sand and cloudiness.  And also, oddly, coolness.  Which I didn’t need.  I was truly trying to not catch a cold before our big trip, this coming Wednesday. So I stayed out of those areas.  Wise for safety reasons too: if you cannot see the rocky outcrop before you hit it, it is best not to go there. So I was thankful for spotting the one regular.

Oh wow!  I just put on some music: Puccini’s Madam Butterfly.  Un bel di.  Amazing music.

But I digress..

To start the morning, the sunrise was mellow, but pretty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, ok, it’s the moon, but pretty,non?

There was a sunrise with two islands visible:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, don’t ask me which two they are!  Hubby would tell you that I am geographically challenged.  I did think it quite a blessing to be able to see them.  One cannot often do so, as clouds are often low lying.

Once I got to the bottom of the hill, I saw the cutest kitty.  It paused when I arrived, I think it was hoping for some food.  Since it was young, I think (and as I’m typing this, I am hearing Gwen Stefani with Harajuku girls…talking about the catwalk… ha) probably not in the lineup yet for food by human.

Anyway, a really cute one: marmalade, white and gray colors.  With that cute little cat face. I was afraid of spooking it and by the time I was able to sneak over to my camera, it had scampered off. Trust me, tres cute!

I did see some cute goat fish and I caught them on video, which I will upload to youtube if I remember…

And here’s the shell of the day.


Not as cute as yesterday’s shell, but still pretty. I don’t know if you can see, but at the top, I think there’s a little shell animal nose poking out… And no, I don’t know which type.  Gee, all these different God-created shells! I can hardly keep up.

And I saw just the one little ambon puffer.  I so dig these little guys.  I wish they were a little closer, but, try to see the blue fin underneath.  Why would evolution create a different blue underneath? It already has those cool turquoise dots going for it.


No you probably cannot see the blue.  But it is there and so cool.  The fish with the red and blue is a saddle wrasse.  Isn’t it odd how some fish really appeal to me and others don’t?  No explaining me, I guess.


I don’t care who you are, isn’t that a pretty fish?  So many colors, and cool patterns for them.

and this isn’t a great photo, but the best of the bunch of the solitary octopus.  The busy one was building a home inside with rocks, but when I arrived, s/he stopped building.  Drat.


Hiding amongst the rocks.  A very good survival strategy.  Because really, so few people have the tako eye.  I have seen folks just fly over the area and not catch on.  And there I am lying on top of the water, filming.  Do they think I have no reason to raise my camera?



Super macro rocks on this coral!


And here is today’s cool wrasse. Dontcha just love those colors!! This one started following me underneath, like I was a whale shark that could provide protection or food.  Gee, I hope not…


Do you catch that they are fast?! And underneath me turns out not to be a good angle, surprisingly.

Happy for the sightings.  Waiting for whales.  But that will probably be January, when we return from lovely Paris!

Aloha.  And if you pray, please do so for my friend, who is having some rough days.  Love to you all!


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