Posted by: octogirl7 | December 6, 2014

Two by Two

Of course, it’s very Biblical, but today lots of fishes seemed to be going two by two.

Two butterfly fishes, 2 sailfin tangs, 2 trunkfish (male and female), 2 Moorish idols.  Lots of pairs.


Here are the two Moorish Idols.  It took me a while to get them both in the frame together, as they kept trying to go in opposite directions.


Not the best shot, but here are a pair of trunkfish, the black & white one (female) on the left and the blue/yellow/white dot male on the right.

And two octopuses.  Not together, but still….

I took so many pictures that I tired the battery out on my Olympus, so thankfully, I was able to pull the Nikon out of my dive pouch and use it.  Nothing makes me madder than having to go back in to get camera #2!

And now that I say that, there are lots of things that make me madder.   However, we are concentrating on a nice swim, so let’s just go with good thoughts.

Of course, yesterday, going in to work early, there was a lovely sunrise.  Which I was NOT at the Bay to enjoy.  And also didn’t have my good camera.  Today there was a nice sunrise, not as spectacular, but still enjoyable.


I was trying to count how many clouds were on display….I stopped at half the sky, with 25!  I really enjoy how the sunrises are so different every day.  And selfishly, glad also that the winds and waves had died down. (The Eddie Aikau surf people were probably not as happy.)

Had a challenging photo op: a shell, probably not more than 3/4″ from top to bottom.  I think it is a drupe.  The challenge came in staying still enough to get close enough to actually take the photo in super macro.  Not as easy as it is on land, since the waves kept moving me just as I snapped the pic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEnd result not too bad, eh?  I’m pretty sure someone was still living in it, but I couldn’t collect it anyway.  Against the rules.  I also didn’t want to move it, which was a shame, since if it was a drupe shell, the inside part is usually a really pretty purple.

I also caught some nice ones of the goat fishes.  Gold saddle, and also the pink ones. (I really must look up their real name!)


Pink ones:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe problem, for me at least, is that if you get more than one fish in the same frame, you have a hard time getting all their eyes and stripes in focus at the same time.  Also, they’re quick.

DSCN3755But this one, above, was my favorite!  I saw all the grey sand scattered over the bottom and swam over to see why it was there.  I saw the goat and at first thought it had thrown a bunch of sand around.  But then I saw octopus #2, sitting in a hole nearby.  Eureka!


Been seeing quite a few of these little collector urchins too.  Very cute.  I would not want to add weight to my movements, but they don’t seem to mind.


This sunrise shot made me happy. I don’t normally catch the wave splash also, but in this shot, I got both sunshine, clouds and waves splashing against the rocks.

And as you may remember, I’m still trying to capture that perfect one of the fantail filefish. This isn’t it, but it is the best I’ve been treated to lately:


The humu:


And of course, the octopus:


You can see him if you look inside the rocky part in the middle.  The eye on the left and just a bit of tentacle to the left of that rock.  None of the 2 I saw really cooperated today!

The one pictured is a “regular” who knows to hide when snoopy swimmers slide by…


Same octopus, a bit closer in.  The white part on the center/left is the siphon, through which they breathe.  The white part on the right is a tentacle.  And yes, hard to see…

Before I leave the fish and get to coral, here’s one of those lovely wrasses:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the interplay between the part in full sun and in shade.

So, corals:


This isn’t so amazing until you really look:  there are little, for lack of an appropriate word, cilia coming out of the coral.  You have to look really closely.  I rarely see that. I think they do most of their eating at night, so perhaps that’s why.


Fab colors, non?

and the moon:


OK, sorry for fooling you, but doesn’t it look like the moon?  I tried, at the end of the dive, to catch a photo of those cool clouds, but got the clouds and a drop of water on the lens.  It reminded me that there was a full moon this morning, but I wasn’t in a good spot to catch it on film.  And once I was walking down the hill, it was too low to get it.  So this is not a bad substitute.


And since I’ve posted before about how the little trevally will follow behind or above the goatfish, hoping to catch some snacks, here’s a little photo of them doing it again.  Lazy buggahs!




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