Posted by: octogirl7 | November 30, 2014

Sad Squid Eye

Today I got some marvelous shots of the sunrise.  Orange and pink clouds.  Very pretty.

But first I’ll tell you the sad part, just to get it out of the way.

After I had prayed for safety, I started to get in the water.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something about a foot long and dark in the water to my right.  Since I do try to get trash, especially tree limbs, out of the way of other swimmers, I stepped back to look.  And it turned out to be a squid!

I don’t know if you know, but in Hawaii, having the ability to see octopuses and squids is called having the “Squid Eye.” I apparently have it because I see octopuses all the time.  Squids not so often.  But this one was in serious straits!

The waves kept beating it and moving it around near the sand.  It would occasionally spurt away in the water, only to be brought back in with the next crashing wave.

I was flummoxed about what to do for it!  I thought to pick it up and put it back in, but there was no place where the waves wouldn’t still bash it.  So as I thought about what to do, it got pushed further onto the beach.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can see the little guy was scared white!  It also appeared that s/he had bite marks.  Round ones.  I thought that perhaps an octopus had tried to get it for breakfast.  As my hubby said: Between an octopus and a squid, which one do you root for?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANeedless to say, this whole thing made me sad.  Definitely a cool animal and in dire straits. I told the gents who pick up trash about it.  One of  them picked it up and handed it to me to put back in.  Which I did. I don’t know how it fared, but figured one of God’s other creatures that eat squids would eat it, if it couldn’t swim away.  So the swim started out sad.  But after all, this is part of God’s plan.

So back to the sunrise:


This was just before the sun really came up, but I loved the clouds and the lone palm tree.

And then pink clouds:




And then the sun really came up:


As is often the case, I have to decide whether the view under the water is best or the one above the water….

So after the case of the dire straits squid, I determined to find at least one octopus…alive. Which I did.  I found one in a regular place, but it immediately hid, so I didn’t catch it on film.

But number 2 was at least a bit more visible. And when I looked more closely at the photo once I got home and after church, all you could see was the octopus’ eye peeking out from the den, in bad visibility, so not really worth sharing.

I was thankful to have found it, however, because it was in a den that had been vacant for a while, so glad to see that checking empty dens does have its merits.

And do I get to count this octopus on my list?


It’s a little swim toy I found near the restrooms.  With an octopus, no less!  and so lifelike I just had to bring it home….So if I do get to count this one, I saw 3 octopuses today.  In about an hour!

There were also 2 lined butterfly fish that swam past, but again the visibility with sand in the water was not my friend.  They made their escape.

The honu (turtle) reached up to take a breath in the movie on youtube.  Here s/he is just before reaching the surface:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASee?  The water quality was not great, but I was still able to see him/her before bumping into her.

There were LOTS of little humu around too.  They are so dang quick though. Here’s an adult that happened by me:


I think this is one of the prettiest fish around.  Truly.  Would I lie?

And it seems the coral fixation is sticking with me.  Not sure why they are so attracting my attention these days, but they really look like flowers.  Especially when they are white or pink:




Now that I’ve put them together, they do seem very similar.  And it is amazing they can live and thrive in these conditions.  They are in one of the world’s busiest pools, Hanauma Bay, where beaucoup people get in every day of the year, except Tuesdays and Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

But I am thankful that I get to be one of those that get in.  Lots of beautiful things that I get to admire.  And thankful that I haven’t had to give a lecture lately!


Am I the only one that thinks these Gold Saddle Goatfish are really cute?  Regular fish, nice bland colors, then WHAM!  A gold saddle outa nowhere!  I am tellin’ ya: God is always up to something!

And have a great week.





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