Posted by: octogirl7 | November 15, 2014

It’s not all about octopus!

Well, yeah, you know that but how many of you knew that I knew that?!

I do tend to enjoy octopuses more than other fish.  Today was a one octopus day, albeit I visited it more than one time. And unfortunately, it was a smart octopus and had made its den so it wasn’t easy to peer into it!

But I also got to see other cool fishes and, of course, clouds.


If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I love clouds, especially during the early morning. This one has a bit of rain out at sea, too, so that’s a cool addition.


And if you look at this one, you’d almost think that was a fin at the water line. But it’s Speedo Torpedo Larry!  He gets in first, to test for sharks.  That’s what I told him.  Today it was to test for big jelly fish, too.  I kinda wanted to see the big one mentioned yesterday, but really I didn’t want to get stung.  We agreed that we didn’t know what KIND of jelly it was yesterday, but it did apparently look mean.  So I kept watching for it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere comes the sun!  And while I am somewhat of a people person, sometimes I really enjoy being the only one in the area for these visuals.  I really appreciate the show God puts on for me!

So I saw just one octopus.  I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed, but really, hey!  Any day with an octopus is a good day.

I also caught the oldster on tape, poking his stick into the rocks.  I HATE THAT!  Sure, he’s older and that gets a lot of people to cut him slack. But really, who knows who many octopus and crabs and other creatures he harms when he pokes his stick into the reef? Nature preserve my eye…


And here’s a serendipitous picture!  I have always loved the achilles tang, but usually don’t see them as they mainly hang around outside the fringing reef.  But in this shot, I caught the tang and also the face of an oranged spined surgeon fish!

OOPS.  And did i mention i went outside today? The water was calm and I think it was slack tide, when not much was going in or out.  I didn’t have to fight current either way.  That’s all good!


And I did get to see one of my faves: the black durgon! But can you tell from this far away shot that they could be as pretty as this?!


THAT is what I’m talking about!  They can go from black to blue to orange to electric blue.  What a fantastic fish.  I love their locomotion too:  fins on the top and bottom, so they just kinda flutter through the water.

Another type of blue is seen in the peacock grouper:


Looks kinda mean, doesn’t he? I think he is, too.  Kind of a bully of the reef, I’m told.  But I love the electric blue fins he has on each side.

And for the first time in quite a while, I saw a barracuda, silently cruising, waiting for a meal.


It is kinda hard to see, just over the middle part of the reef. It’s only when they move that they are more easily seen.  They do just glide silently in their silver skin.  And they blend rather well into the slight fogginess of the water. I’m sure that’s what they intend.

I also saw 2 bluefin trevally circling.  There were also 2 yellow tang.


I never did discover what the trevally were searching for.  Sometimes an eel, sometimes an octopus, but I never saw, so I’d be guessing. Almost looks like a head-on collision, doesn’t it?!

And lest you think that my interest in corals has waned, never fear!


This has not only coral, but you can see the needles of wana there, too, just below. I do steer clear.  I’ve never been poked, but definitely don’t want to be.

I am also enjoying the little goats.


Cute, right? Unfortunately for me, they are also quick, so it’s tough for me to catch them on film while they are running with their homies.


This photo shows you why I like to go outside: there are many more animals in a group.  Here, we’ve got achilles tang, goatfish, sergeant major, gold eye kole, saddle wrasse, durgon, orange shoulder surgeon.  Yeeha! One stop shop. (Yes, no octopus, but really, can one have everything in one place?  Besides, had there been an octopus flying free thru this group, it would have been very frightened.)

But it’s all good.  I am blessed to have seen all that I did.  And in safety, too.  Nobody bit, stung or ran into me!


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