Posted by: octogirl7 | November 8, 2014

Twins separated at birth

Well, of course there were going to be octopus, even if I didn’t actually snorkel!

twins sep at birth

I found the darker purple octopus over a year ago.  I loved it because of the googly eyes, and also the totally lifelike color, as well as the sparkly silver accents.  And then, on Maui for work, I found its separated at birth twin! HA!

How could I resist?

It was staring at me from the window of the Maui Mercantile in the Makena Beach and Golf Resort where we had our meeting. So of course I had to go back once they opened to purchase the long lost twin of my other purple octopus.

We had a good meeting.  There were many things going on at the same time.  Since my table was up front near the stage, I often had to get up and walk to the side aisle to get something done, while the meeting was going on.

At one point, I was just coming back to the table, when the President looked at me inquiringly and said: Yes, sister?

I froze and said Uhoh! Am I doing something?! Everybody laughed, having been long accustomed by now to me getting up to check on things.  He said, Oh I thought you were going to nominate somebody! No, I replied and sat down.

For those of you who prayed for us, THANK YOU!  My boss and others said that it went well.  And nobody died, always a good thing.

The hotel was great.  Beautiful location, right on the water.  And I had a view of both the gardens outside where we had our first night’s event and the ocean.

The first time I set foot in the room, I thought: Oh that’s pretty.  There was a small island in the ocean in my view.  It took me a day to realize that was Molokini, a great snorkel spot. Duh!  Probably a good thing I didn’t realize earlier what it was because I would have had to blow off the meeting to get on out there and snorkel.

And you won’t believe this: I didn’t even take my dive gear! I knew I’d be working and my flight back was early on Saturday, so I didn’t bother.  As it was, I had 3 pieces of luggage.  The 3rd piece was 2 big boxes of lei!  We had been told that to buy lei on Maui was expensive, so I got to carry the box of 64 lei to the meeting.  Yahoo.

I hope and pray to have an actual snorkel post tomorrow.  God willing, I’ll be back in the water of my beloved Hanauma Bay and see some of my octopuses live and in color!



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