Posted by: octogirl7 | November 2, 2014

Cloudy with a chance of octopus

Today was cloudy.  No major pink clouds.  No lightning bolts of the sun’s rays shining down.  Still pretty.


And OH YEAH!  There were octopus!


This little one just peeked at me from his hole in the rock.  Reminded me of Bill Cosby when he says and I saw nothin’ but their little old eyes buggin’ out! S/he was afraid of me, though, so I swam along.

Same number of tako as yesterday, but all very different.  One posed for quite a long time, before flying off.


This is octopus #2.  S/he posed for quite a long time, alternating from “sitting” down in its nest of coral, to “standing up” and showing its tentacles and legs.  I must have hovered there for 20+ minutes, snapping shot after shot.  I had a dilemma: film the octopus or those cool lined butterfly fish swimming by?  Arghh!  Decisions decisions.

A couple of times, octopus 2 stood up and looked about ready to fly away, only to sit down again.  But then, the octopus did decide to swim away. I followed for a bit, but then allowed it to be covered up by cloudy water. I was quite thankful.  It isn’t every day that they fly for me!


Here’s tako 2 surrounded, once it had flown to a new rock, by all its friends.  If you look, you’ll see at least 5 types of fish.  I think they hope for scraps when the octopus hunts and eats.  Which makes me wonder: since the octopus can put a poison into the prey, would that poison still be working if bits of the prey floats off and is eaten by others? I am so bummed that octopus don’t talk.  (Did you know they don’t hear either?  Apparently, no ears.  But really, where would they put them, anyway?)

Here’s some of the coral.  Doesn’t it look like flowers?



I do love the super macro lens.  It really lets you get up close and personal.  Wish an octopus would sit still for that!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWitches Brew was going off again.  And there were waves, and bad parts of visibility.  In fact, one of the videos at least was bumpy because the waves were moving me around.  I don’t take the luxury of planting knees on the bottom or on coral, heaven forbid!, so some of my videos are a bit bumpy for that reason.

And looking at all the 349 videos and photos I took in 2.5 hours made me tired.  I told hubby that I wasn’t sure I had enough energy left to write the blog! He suggested making it a short blog: “349 photos and videos.  Too tired to write.” HA

I did check all the old dens that had recently been occupied.  all 4 of them were empty.  But I discovered that what is empty at the beginning of the dive, today at 6:30 a.m., are NOT all unoccupied by the end of the dive.  In fact octopus 5 was recently returned from hunting, I can only imagine. He blew water at me too.  He’s such a card!


See what I mean about the similar colors?  I just loved snapping photos of this guy.  He quite sat still and I caught some of his tentacles with my lens.  Olympus TG2!  The best!!!

There were tiny humu to watch.  But also a juvenile yellow tail coris.  This amazing fish totally changes color pattern when it becomes an adult.  I’ll have to think about the logic of that.  I know there’s a reason.

I also saw a cigar wrasse.  Those guys are so cool: they just glide on by with their little thin selves and before you know it, you have a bad photo and no wrasse!  Kinda like those pesky fantail filefish.  I have grown so accustomed to them spiriting themselves away, that when one sat still for me today, I hadn’t even turned on the camera, I was so surprised.

You can barely see the cigar wrasse in the middle of the photo.  Sliding away.


Also saw more collector urchins. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

i don’t catch the logic of putting stuff on your head.  Maybe they’re English and have seen those horrid hats the Brits wear. Maybe not. Maybe it’s like jewelry to them.  “Aren’t I pretty?!”

Clouds there were too.


And coral.  I am now entranced with how they look initially, then how they look with the Super Macro knob twisted.  I have also discovered how important it is to turn back to auto afterward.  Octopuses look pretty darn funny with macro when you’re a foot away.  Kinda like a big brown blob.


What really amazes me is how something so fragile looking can endure all the sand, waves and encroachment of the thousands of tourists that invade each day!

But octopus #2 was definitely the star of today’s underwater show.  I couldn’t believe, first of all, how interesting the contrast was between the colors of the octopus and the colors of the coral in which it was ensconced.  Quite amazing.



You can see his suckers underneath. 254 on each leg, or so I’m told.  I have not been able to count those. heh heh


It is so incredible how quickly they can make all those colors and textures.

And just to prove that snorkeling can be lucrative:


It’s a quarter, lodged into the coral near the green part.  And I had a drat of a time getting it out! But I did, and now I’m richer for this experience.  Mostly the octopuses, though.  They are the coolest.


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