Posted by: octogirl7 | November 1, 2014

Compassion tooth

I received a very nice letter this week from one of our Compassion children in India.  It described all about the tooth care and dental hygiene lessons she had received this week.  (Well, I guess it was a while ago…these letters aren’t as quick as email.)

But on the back, I had to chuckle, as there was a very nice drawing of the tooth and the brush.

compassion tooth 11-1-14

And you can see a bit of Hindi at the bottom.  They have the person in charge of the Compassion center help the child write, so you can see the message both in Hindi and in English.  She is 8 years old, so she’s not exactly writing on her own yet. Certainly not in English!

It is always fund to hear from them, because they will tell you incredible things.  For example, i said in my letter that I had a sore throat.  And the little girl asked if I had to go to the hospital!  Maybe she was thinking tonsillitis.  That is something a kid could have…

So, on to water adventures.  As I walked down the hill this morning, I saw waves and felt wind.  And also potential disappointment about visibility.  But I know that it is quite difficult for me to be sure until I actually enter the water what the water quality will be.

It wasn’t great, but I was still able to find 5 octopuses and stay in over 2 hours!  So it’s all good.


This one was breathing normally, and didn’t blow water at me.  But I wondered, when I saw this photo after I got home: If you look just above the siphon, the white tube they breathe through, see the little fish?  It’s hanging out with the octopus.  I wondered what on earth would happen if this octopus had blown water!  I’ll bet the little fish would have gone sailing out of the octo-den.

There were two high points to the dive: seeing a small one.  and, seeing two small-ish ones in holes near each other.I couldn’t really be sure that the latter were small, but they appeared to be.  Which would be quite surprising: usually, since they are cannibals, octopuses don’t hang out near each other, unless they have love on their minds!

And I don’t know if I had a blog back then, but I’ll never forget one time I was watching a mating pair.  And the octopus put forth his leg (hectocotylis) to reach the female, but he kept his other 7 legs firmly anchored to the rock from whence he came. He didn’t want death instead of a love partner! I can only imagine how difficult it would be to discern what the female’s intentions were..

I looked for the lovers from last week, but their dens were unoccupied as far as I can tell.  And the rocks outside looked “dusty.”  Meaning, they have sedimentary sand on them and don’t look lived in as an octo-den does when there is an octopus occupying it.

I have also recently taken more of an interest in coral.  Maybe because I am trying out the macro setting of my wonderful Olympus TG-2 camera.


I especially like the pink coral, but also the white.  To me, they look like little flowers.

There was also a little “trash” that the wind brought in:


Yeah, imagine them banging you in the head!  I doubt that it would hurt, especially, but I has some kind of green growing algae, maybe, and that didn’t sit well in my mind, when I thought of it brushing against my head. They weren’t hard and heavy like a tree limb, but they were kinda yucky.

They were in groups, too, and not sure where they came from, but I was sure I didn’t want to bash into them.

I also saw a surprise small honu:


He was surprised to see me come out of the gloom, but we both took it calmly and swam away from each other.

And lest you think there was no pretty sunrise,


What you see looming in the water are the two posts that mark where the current is, the one that goes out to the deeper water of the Bay.  And it can take you out there too, if you’re not paying attention.  We were leaving high tide behind at this time of morning, so I did feel it trying to draw me out. But I’m wise to those tricks and swam in away from it.

And there were a few waves, especially in Witches Brew:


See there on the right, near the rocks?  That white is waves bashing against the shoreline.  Lovely to look at, bad visibility and mean water near it.  I don’t go out there.  Certainly not when I’m alone!  In the past, one was able to walk out along there, but since rocks sometimes fall, they have it fenced off now.

And no eels showed themselves today.  I kept swimming and being surprised not to see any, which made me think that one might lash out at me from the gloom.  But God’s protection kept me safe.

I’ll leave you with the photo of octopus #3 after he blew water at me:


All that “snow” is sand that blew up and out when he blew water at me.  That’ll teach him!


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