Posted by: octogirl7 | October 27, 2014

Answers and pretty sunrises

OK, so since I waxed wroth recently about not being able to swim for the past 2 Sundays, I thought I might report the reasons:

The unidentified object in the water that could have been a bomb wasn’t.  It was a BOLLARD! You know, those posts they put in the ground so you don’t drive near or through something?  (And I might add, they have them in Paris where they go up and down on command.  So you can let cars through sometimes and sometimes not!  Those French!  They are wicked tricky.) I must say, too, that I’m so glad it wasn’t a bomb.  I really wouldn’t want to think about how hard it would be to find one in all that acreage and water.

And the reason Hanauma Bay had a late opening yesterday was that a coconut fell and hit a poor lifeguard on the head and knocked him out! OW! So the C&C had to come in a cut off all the coconuts!  I do hope he’s ok.

So because I was robbed two Sundays in a row, I was able to take off 2 hours today and swim.  YES!

And the sunrise and octopus and eels behaved.  Sadly, the water was not the clearest, but I didn’t bump into anything.  And the water out near the breaking reef was clearer and the source of 2 of my 5 octo-sightings!

And happy to report that two of the large adult octopuses were up to something!  They had made dens close to each other.  And then one flew off to the rock nearby.  When I watched the video of octopus 4 flying away, in slow mo, I noted that part of its leg was missing.  (I’ll probably upload it, so look for octopigirl7 on youtube.) He or she stayed nearby, too, so I think I may have interrupted something.  Hope they got together again later!  It did explain why octopus #4 was kinda skittish: had already been nibbled on.

And because I didn’t label the photos well enough yet, just below is octopus #5…a little one!  hiding pretty well, wouldn’t you say?


And above is octopus #3, the one that turned out later to have an octo-friend…


Same octopus, different choice of colors.  This was before it really focused on me.

At one point, I was watching some fish and they all “ran” away.  I mean, swam really quickly away like something was chasing them.  And something was! 3 or 4 biggish trevally:


You can see that the water quality wasn’t the best, but the trevally is still visible and biggish.  If I were a small fish, I would run too…

And the eel tried to run away too:


Just glad neither of them was running toward me.  That would be an exciting video, but not sure if I would get out unscathed. Not bitten or crashed into is what I strive for. (And pray for, too, for that matter!)

The poor eel below was being circled by a trevally.  I always pay attention to that motion by the fish, because sometimes they are circling octopus.  Not in this case, however.


And, just so you don’t think God was sleeping instead of painting the sky:


That makes ME want to get up early!!!


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