Posted by: octogirl7 | September 27, 2014

Yo! Yo! and a monk seal

Conditions: windy.  wavy.  high tide-ish. So I was at peace with not seeing many octopus, all the while hoping to see at least one!!

I started cruising to my usual spots and didn’t see even the wily regular octopus out in the reef.  However, Larry the Speedo Torpedo had cruised that area before I got there, so perhaps she was hiding.  While I was watching her den, the waves blew a few rocks into her den.  So I took a photo:


I thought: Of course she’ll come out to move them out of her way!  But she didn’t.  And didn’t.  And didn’t.  So I finally swam on, hoping to see an octopus in another spot.

Instead I found a turtle, swimming slowly through the murk.  I started to take a picture and then off to my left, a man came swimming rapidly after the turtle, with his arms stretched out, camera at the end of his hands.


So I took a quick photo and he kept swimming toward the turtle.  So I popped up and got the wife’s attention, and told her to let him know not to chase the animals!

Which she immediately did NOT do!

So then I swam next to the guy and said: Yo! Yo!  Don’t chase the animals.  They are scared of you! And he finally desisted, after looking at me as if I’d lost my mind.  The nerve!

Then I flipped around and headed toward the wily octopus’ den.  And she still wasn’t showing herself, BUT the rocks had been moved out from the den.


In this picture, you can see the rocks moved away from the hole that is her den….the den is just to the left of center.  You can’t really see the hole, just the rocks moved.

And so I swam away again, and went over to my usual spots, without seeing an octopus for sure.  I saw a couple of places that COULD HAVE BEEN an octopus, but I don’t usually count could have been.  In this water, with low visibility, it was quite difficult to see much of anything in places, let alone an octopus hiding.

I was almost ready to chuck the dive in and go ashore, but I saw a group of people on the beach. I thought: oh no! They are all coming in and the water will get even worse! So I went once more to see if the wily octopus had surfaced.  And she had!


If you look closely, you can just see her brown eye in the den hole.  And just after I caught this shot, she blew water at me! ha.  Revenge of the octopus.

So I swam slowly toward shore and saw the peppered moray, peeking out of its hole:


Thankfully, today was not his day to chase me.  I was reminded, too, that sometimes I get a little too close to catch the shot.  I must remember that they have poor eyesight and I am definitely a big enough target! I would give him a run for his money, but he does have sharper teeth than I have…

So I decided to zoom away from his lair, and got out.  Only to find out that the group on shore that I saw earlier was still there, as was the object of their affections: a monk seal.  Having a snooze.  One of the regulars said he had just yawned and turned over.  Thankfully, the cordon had been set up by faithful ranger Jack, so there were no worries.  I was outside the roped off area when I caught this shot:


Doesn’t he look peaceful? I am glad we have sanctions in place for messing with the wildlife.  I’d hate to make him mad.

And lest you think there was no great sunrise, here is the beach scene I saw when on the beach before going in:


Just another lovely day in Hawaii nei!


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