Posted by: octogirl7 | September 21, 2014

expectant hope

I always enter the water with expectant hope: what will I see today?  Will there be octopus?  (This latter one can be a source of stress, I’m afraid….after all, seeing them is why i get in.)

And I am thankful that I did see 3 octopuses, including one little guy. Him I saw only because he popped his little head down, just as I looked up.  Otherwise, I would never have spotted him.  A wrasse tried to poke his head into his den, supposedly to eat the little guy, but the octopus was firmly hidden in the back of his little den.  Good choice of den size, too, I might add: if it were any bigger, the wrasse probably could have gotten in for breakfast.

There was sadly another eel in another former octo-den!  Just because it is one of their prey items, doesn’t mean it always has to eat them.  Just sayin’.

I saw one little flounder, and that only because I moved my hand down to pull one of those photo cloths out of the sand.  The flounder moved to get away from me and that’s when it registered that it was a flounder.  A little, cute one:


See what I mean about hard to see?  That’s the flounder in the upper part of the photo.  Look closely and you’ll see the tail.


Still having a hard time?  IN the center of the shot, there’s a small round rock. The fish is just above that.

ok, last chance:


It is again in the center of the shot.  Look for the eyes or the little darkness that is a fin on its back.  I said it was hard to see!

I was very happy to see the octopuses…especially the little one. And a few of the adults I saw earlier in the week have gone from their dens.  I wish I knew more about their habits.  I get really only a very small glimpse of how they live. And die.

And to end on a more positive note: clouds!




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