Posted by: octogirl7 | September 20, 2014

You would think…but you’d be wrong!

You would think that since I got to swim 6 of the last 7 days, that there would have been many blogs, videos posted to Youtube and great photos.   You’d be wrong!

Since I had to go immediately to work after swimming AND I had to actually WORK while there, that really cut down on my blogging and photo posting time.  Good times were had, however, and in this post I will endeavor to show you at least a little bit of the fun.

There were eels and octopuses and many fishes.  Sadly, today, there was a little purple tang that had died and was washing around on the reef.  I was kinda surprised it hadn’t been eaten.  Maybe the eels had not yet discovered it.  It seemed intact, though, so don’t know what caused its demise.

But most of the days of the week started with great clouds and sunrise:




And the usual trevally swimming


Kinda spooky looking aren’t they?  Especially in this not-so-great visibility part of the pond.

There was a green headed eel looking out from one of my regular octo-dens, darn it!  I hope the octopus escaped.  The eel also had cloudy eyes, almost like cataracts.  I wonder if many of them have those….I’m told their eyes are not great.

And of course octopuses:

t1 n3716 lil guy 9-20-14 cropt

You’ve heard me say that God gives me these octopuses, especially the little ones. True today, too!  I was cruising, being almost disappointed that I hadn’t spotted even one octopus in almost an hour, then I turned and there he was!  He was nervous, understandably.  I do not want to think how much more I weigh than this little guy.  (You shouldn’t think about it either!)  But he hunkered down and let me take his picture.

t3 moving rocks n3741 9-20-14 cropt

In this photo, you can just make out the white-ness of the octopus.  She was moving rocks all around inside her den.  Very cool to see, but the light wasn’t great.  I think they choose their dens based on how easy it is to disguise themselves; in this case, very easy!  This is a pretty deep den and usually I don’t see much of her at all…usually just her head.  When she sees me, she ducks down and backs way into the den.  And I cannot swear to it, but I think she has made a tunnel under the rocks and over to another place where I’ve seen an octopus.  And no, I cannot tell for sure that it is the same octopus in both areas, but my guess would be yes.  They are smart, you know.

This week I also saw a flea bite cone and a green hermit crab near it.  Who was eating whom?


If you look at the left hand side of the photo, you’ll see the little green legs.  And though you can’t tell very well, the joints are purple on this crab!  I only know that because I had to look online to find out what kind of crab it was….Neither shell nor crab were moving, so hard to tell what exactly was on the menu.  I do know that cone shells are very full of venom, so please if you see one in the wild, leave it alone!

I did have a great time swimming each morning.  It did tire me out, though!  I’m not accustomed to swimming against the tide and current that much!  (Well, those who know me well might say otherwise. ha.)

The biggest octo-number of the week was 6 in one swim.  Very grateful to our Creator for that number.  And on no day was I skunked, although it was close with one day of only one octopus!  I was scared I’d lost my tako eyes!


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