Posted by: octogirl7 | September 14, 2014

5 octopus, 40 minutes. Or, no it’s not snow!

The only person more surprised than I was that I saw 5 octopuses today (one being a baby, thank you very much!), was my pal, Larry.  Formerly known as the Speedo Torpedo, Larry has turned into a great person to discuss photos with.  First of all, his skill is MUCH higher than mine, but he is also a humble person, who doesn’t need to brag.  His pix speak for themselves.  Also, he shares a love for the Olympus underwater cameras….he is, in fact, the one that first told me about the Olympus TG series.  He has a 1, i have a 2.  Anyway, I digress.

He expressed surprise when we walked to the tram together.  He said that while swimming he thought: Oh Karen isn’t going to find any octopuses today!  Because the water was JUNK, being full of sand, moving quickly and high tide.  Normally I like high tide, but today’s water had waves, air and sand rolled into it, and that meant the photos were not great.  But that didn’t stop the octopuses from revealing themselves.

Five in 40 minutes.  YEEHA!  That made me very happy.  Not only because it meant I could get out earlier and get to singing practice quickly, but it also allowed me to stop for a quick breakfast on the way to church.  It’s all good.

And Octopus #3 was a baby.  LOVE seeing those.  But it wasn’t easy.  It was definitely a God thing.  I had explored the reef, having found 1 regular and a new octopus.  I planned to go to the less visited side of the bay, but the water quality was even worse over there, so I thought: well, I’ll go over to the other side, and see what I can find.

Which was a baby octopus.  Yes, right there on top of a rock.  Hiding in a hole on top of the rock.


Not easy to see, right?  If you look in the hole in the rock about mid-photo, you’ll see some dark greenish gray and some faint white lines…that’s his head.   You can see a bit of his “shoulders” too.  Definitely a gift.  Not something I would have expected to see, given the water quality or lack thereof.

Then, because the time was short today, I drifted back over to the middle reef.  And found octopus #4:


You have to really look through the sand in the water flowing past him/her, but there’s an octopus in there!  Just resting quietly, trying to pretend there is no crazy lady peeking at him.  You can see the eye, and bottom part of his body and the white siphon.  You gotta really look, though.  No, it’s not snow!  It’s sand blowing through the view.


Same octopus, with a bit less sand in the frame.

And on the other side of this same rock with the octopus den, was Mr. Eel:


I’m not saying they were good neighbors, but at least they didn’t try to kill each other while I was watching.

I almost forgot to mention the heavenly environment this morning: hardly any clouds.  And those that were present were at the end of the horizon, out near the close-by islands:


They look rather like waves, but they are low lying clouds, near the other island.

So all told, a great snorkel, albeit with funky water.  But 5 octopuses, including a baby.  God is so good….


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