Posted by: octogirl7 | September 7, 2014

quick but worth it!

Today’s snorkel was quick (a little over an hour) but worth it.  Saw another baby octopus.  Sadly, it saw me first and hid underneath the rock.  Then it peeked up over it, but even that didn’t really register on my camera.  Too small, I guess.

I had another visit with the peppered moray.  But he went one way and I went another.

And finally caught a pretty good photo of a fantail filefish.  It doesn’t have its head blade raised, but it’s cute anyway.  And I noted another thing about the fishes: how differently they move!  So are slow and meandering, some dart about and some, like the filefish, just run for cover.  I know it’s in the water, so it isn’t really running, but it surely feels like it!  Especially when I’m trying to catch a photo.


Also saw my “regular” out near the channel.  That is one smart octopus!  Once she sees even a shadow, she runs for cover, deep in her den.

But I got to church on time for singing practice.  And the start of our Bible study of Hebrews went well…with the help of a few friends.  I am thankful to God for those!



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