Posted by: octogirl7 | September 1, 2014

3 octopuses!!!

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you’ll know that 3 octopuses isn’t usually an occurrence to shout about.  But it was today.

Especially since the water was so bad yesterday, I only stayed in a little while and saw absolutely no octopus. Zip. Zero.

So today when I spotted the first one, I gave a big high-five to God for it. Very happy about it.  And then #2 and #3; it was almost a normal day!

The water was still not great, but the waves had died down some, so there were pockets of pretty good water.


You can see there was still junk in the water, but it was much improved over yesterday!

And speaking of junk:


Here’s a portion of the trash.  The snorkel keeper wasn’t anything I was unaccustomed to…people lose those all the time.  Although it is a bit concerning, because it means that their mask is off.  But I am not the boss of them…

I did finally have to get out and take the tree limbs over to the trash however.  Three pieces of wood was pushing it.  Oh and here’s the log from yesterday, the one I couldn’t pick up and bring in:


I don’t know if it floated up there and then was left when the tide receded, or if someone stronger than I brought it in.  In any case, just imagine the bonk that would make on your head, if it hit you while you were snorkeling around!

And to demonstrate the improved quality of the water, I took 90 photos and vids…much better than yesterday!  But if you see the tako video i just uploaded, you’ll see the water still had the ability to move me around.

I did see more fantail filefishes, which immediately ran for cover. And I did see another aspect of the fishes that I hadn’t really noticed before: their eyes.  I know I have commented on eyes before, but I neglected the “stick-out-ish-ness.”  Yes, some have different color eyes and some are camouflaged.  But also some stick out. The eyes of the humuhumunukunukuapaa for example.  Lovely colors, with bulging eyes.

I almost forgot the sunrise.  There were very few clouds, but it was still great in any case:




Ah, such is paradise!


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