Posted by: octogirl7 | August 31, 2014

Fastest snorkel ever!

If you had told me last week that I would be swimming for less than an hour today, I would have laughed.

Oh how the experienced have fallen!

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you know the water has been funky.  Well, today was the Emperor of funky!

For me to get out after just 20 minutes in the water, you know something has gone amiss.  And it did.  The surf was still up.  The waves were up.  And the trash was up, on the surface of the water.


I picked up and carried what appeared to be an egg carton, much algae-ed and broken through. It provided not only gross-ness to my swim, but also quite a bit of drag.  Needless to say, it was larger than my little dive bag into which I normally put the trash.

Then I found a scramble of fishing net, floating on the surface.  So I duly picked that up too, holding it in my left (gloved) hand.  But when the log appeared, I had had enough!

I couldn’t even pick it up, let alone drag it to the beach.  And it was heavy too. And floating right there at the surface, just in a perfect position to bonk an unsuspecting someone on the head.  Boy, wouldn’t that change your opinion of Hanauma Bay?


Idyllic, right?  But this is why the water was funky: those waves.  See that white water?  That translates into sand in the water, moving currents and lots of air in the water. Also, pretty high tide, which means there’s more water inside the reef to get moved around. Which equals Octogirl7 goes home early.  And happy to be alive.



Here’s another shot of the white water.  YOu can see the sand in the water. This photo was taken from up above, after I had already showered off and warned the tourist lady to be careful if she goes in.  She seemed surprised that waves could cause problems.  And that’s exactly why I warned her: we all have such a happy-go-lucky attitude about the beach: nice colors, beautiful sunshine, blue water…what could go wrong? Of course, I have seen what could go wrong: a free swimming eel, swooping toward you outa the gloom.  Two sharks cruising by.  She asked about my worst experience.  I told her about the two sharks.  She seemed surprised.  I added that I have been swimming here for 20 years and have only seen 6 sharks in all that time. But it does get your attention.  And makes you get out of the water…

It occurred to me, also, that even if I were staring right at an octopus, the water was so bad, I probably couldn’t tell.

See this old octo den?


Could YOU tell if an octopus was in there?

There weren’t even any pockets of nice water.  Usually, in rather bad conditions, one can still have pockets of clear water, that are protected because they are behind rocks and safe from the surf.  But not today.  I didn’t find a single place where I thought: Oh thanks, God!  Here’s a clear spot!

So here I sit, already at home at 8:19 a.m. on a Sunday…  Too bad I’m going to another church today.  It starts at 11.  Of all days to have my swim curtailed!  It was the one chance I had to swim a good long time and not be late. But if it’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that God gives me protection, but He doesn’t tell me to be stupid! So that’s why I got out.  And why I told the lifeguard about the log…maybe he’ll swim out there on his surf board and pick it up.  Beware of the bonks!


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