Posted by: octogirl7 | August 29, 2014

Yes, I know it’s only Friday!

Yes, I do know what day it is and it is surprising that I got to swim, let alone have the time to write a post today!

We had to go to Maui on business this past Wednesday, and so a few hours accrued, so I am able to snorkel.  It was mostly a nice day, but with high tide and waves, the swimming was not excellent.

However, that makes me just that much more happy to have spotted two octopuses!  Yes, baby!  and in places where I had seen an octopus before.  The latter one, though, not for quite a long time.  That is why I re-check a former den, even if it hasn’t been occupied for a while.  You never know who will eventually move in.  And it could be an eel, so it’s best to be careful.

And just to give you an idea of the water quality, here’s the turtle I almost ran into!


Apparently, he or she was much more accustomed to funky water; he was heading away before I even saw him. I did apologize.  (I often wonder what people think if they are swimming near me.  It’s not unusual to hear “Thank You God!” or “Sorry turtle”  or other words not worth putting on the post, in cases when an eel surprises me.)

There was a big ulua who flew past me.  Maybe a foot or so long.  Pretty, but too fast for my camera.

I was able to catch some pretty clouds:


These clouds are both good news and bad:  it means that sunrise is later these days, heading us toward winter.  And that more waves are probably on the way.

I did wonder though, about clouds.  I don’t know the way they are formed, but think it’s interesting that sometimes they are like little puffs of smoke, all in a line.  And then other times, they are huge and just so gorgeous you don’t want to go into the office! I know it’s about wind, etc., but I just think it’s crazy cool.

No eels today, thank God!  I really hate to have them fly toward me out of the gloom.  I almost turned back a few times, but then the really bad patch of murky would dissolve and again I’d be able to see fishes.

I counted 10 fantail filefishes.  Now, grant you, it could have been the same fantail filefish that followed me and appeared to be new to my eye each time.  NOT!!!  If there is anything I know about these fish, it’s that they are very secretive and scared, so they dash under a rock as soon as one spots them.  I cannot imagine one actually following me.  I did note, however, that a few times baby trevally would swim under me for a bit.  I hope that means they think I’m an apex predator that will protect them!  Better than they think I’m a huge raft of seaweed where they can hide…..

The water did move me about a bit.  Been a while since I felt that.  The ocean is a really amazing thing and its power is amazing also!  I made sure not to be near any big rocks….I could hear the wave as it approached, so I was able to move out of dangerous pathways. 

Sometimes I dream of sneaking in on Tuesday.  When the Bay is closed.  No one else in the water but me!  Perhaps I can befriend our current President, and come in on his coattails.  (He is the only one, that I know of, who is allowed to swim on closed Tuesdays….fewer people to protect him against, I guess…) Oddly, he hasn’t invited me to do so yet. 

The usual suspects were present too: little convict tangs, humu, orange spine unicorn, regular unicorn, and those purple tangs.  I saw only a couple of that other type of filefish.  When I stop being lazy, I will look their name up.

And just so you know: instead of the usual 2 or 2 1/2 hours of swimming, today was only an hour and a half.  And instead of 200 plus photos, only 35 photos taken!  It will be interesting to see how the water is tomorrow.  And tomorrow. And tomorrow!  I love a holiday!

Be safe.  Praise God.  Love one another.



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