Posted by: octogirl7 | August 23, 2014

Look back! Look back!!

Normally, once i pass an area, I don’t look back.  I figure, I’ve already seen what’s there, so why bother?

Not so, mon bon copain!

Today, I had seen a bit of an octopus and counted it.  She was a good hider and out near the channel, so I had seen her before.  A wily octopus, so I figured she wouldn’t venture out again.

Again, not so!

I had this thought in my head: look back! look back!  And when I did, she had popped up, and was steadily looking at me. Odd to have that feeling to turn around and have it produce a good result!

Today, the octopuses won: 7 octopuses vs. 4 eels. I like those numbers. Two of the 7 were BABIES, yay!  and 2 swam freely.  Yay, again!  The only thing I love more than seeing baby octopuses is seeing them fly across the view.  Sadly, I wasn’t fast enough to catch the first one (the baby) flying across to a rock.  It actually took me a minute to figure out what it was!  (Yeah, can you believe?!) It was I guess so much smaller than a usual adult octopus that when a small brown blob starting flying across, I didn’t figure it out until it had landed on a rock.  But still cute.  Had I not seen it fly, I would probably never have seen it on the rock:  it turned its skin into warty bumps and seaweed colors.  And sat motionless, with nothing but its little old eye peeking out.  So cute.

It’s funny how their personalities seem different, too, between adult and baby.  The babies are much more timid, which makes sense, as they are less able to defend themselves.  The adults kinda sit there as if challenging me to make trouble! Which I try not to, of course.

There were lovely clouds:


This is why it’s worth it to get up early.

Saw two sets of trevally chasing eels.  Give ’em trouble, that’s what I say!  Maybe then they’ll leave the octopuses alone…

Lots of little fishes of course: humu.  tangs. longnose butterfly fish.  Even a small porcupine puffer.


The humu, unlike octopuses, are pretty aggressive.  They are aggressive about flying into nearby holes to avoid me!

Still seeing lots of the pretty fantail filefish. 


What a wonderful little fish!  Hard not to be impressed by them.  Also, very hard to catch on film.  Mostly, I catch them flying away, heading to a rock so they can hide.  A very good survival strategy.  That is, when you cannot change colors, like the octopuses.

Also saw another file fish.  This one started off a dark grey and before my eyes, it changed into this pattern:


See him with the black band across his eyes?!  Pretty cool, huh?  I wonder if they can change colors often, or if this tires them out. Does kinda make ’em look like seaweed.

Also saw a clumpy nudibranch. And a gurnard.  No flatfishes, though.  There was another juvenile rockmover wrasse, but he hid well under a rock, too. 

And lest you think I’m lying about the octopuses:


Can you see it, in the hole in the rock?   Really pretty good camouflage, non? So that’s a baby, who was probably scared outa its mind, with me looming…


I like this photo because the wrasse provides some color contrast to the octopus.  And they seemingly ignore each other most of the time, but doesn’t this fish look as if it’s looking down at the octopus?


Same octopus, without the fish. 

There was a small contretemps, too.  I put some trash into my little waist dive bag (so I don’t have to hold it through the entire dive), and zipped it up.  And swam on.  Only to find out that my octopus counting numbers had disappeared.  Panic! So I retraced my route as much as I could remember.  And after about 10 minutes, I found them again, on the bottom, waving in the current.  Duh.  glad I found them though.

And I found, among the usual trash, also a box:  No Lie!


You can see the rattan weaving on the side of the box.  Only the top part was still there.  But inside was a photo book of some poor family!  I’ll bet they were taking a cruise and the box blew off.  I did turn it in to the Hanauma Bay people.  Crazy.  What was also crazy was how it made my swimming off….i was holding that box under my arm and it really threw more drag into my swimming.

Crazy tourists!  I did what I could to get it back to them!



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