Posted by: octogirl7 | August 2, 2014

Six to two

Octopuses outnumbered eels 6 to 2 today.  Fab numbers!!!

And one of the octopuses was a small one.  New life happening.

Lots of pretty clouds, too.  Quite amazing how the sun comes partially through to make lovely snapshots. I’m pretty sure God gives those to me, as I might be the only one taking the photo at that time. HA


And of course, there were the palm trees, earlier, near sunrise:


One dollah!

I also took a photo of the fish that started it all: the yellow fin surgeon.  Those are the fish I first say on Kauai at Lydgate Park.  So pretty with the blue and the yellow.  They also have a very calm demeanor, just swimming by me, as if they had all the time in the world.


Not the best photo of them that I’ve ever seen, but it’s the one I caught today.  With more sun on them, you can see lovely patterns in the blue color.  Of course, they also have the spurs hidden near the tail, so I guess if they wanted to, they could take me out.  Or at least make me bleed.  Glad they don’t seem to want to do that!

I was also happy to see octopus 3 out near the channel, in someone else’s old den.  That’s the reason that I usually check old known dens.  In case someone else has moved in.

I was also very happy to see a small rockmover wrasse.  To me, they are the fish that change most dramatically from infancy to adult.  The small, young one has lots of bits protruding off its body, so it looks a lot like seaweed.  Probably a great defensive strategy.  The older fish loses those seaweedy bits and becomes a tough predator, turning over rocks to search for food. I have only a movie of it; it’s kinda rocky (no pun intended) because the waves were moving both the fish and me around. 

There was also a decent sized bluefin trevally, which circled.  I never did see what it was circling and hoped it wasn’t me.  I haven’t met any trevally that think I am an interesting prey item.  And don’t want to.  Those fish are fast and not very emotional about what they eat.  I need my fingers!

An orange spine unicorn fish also swam by octopus 6, the little one.  It was so funny that they appear not to notice the octopuses at all!  Zooming by on the way to better prey, I guess.


I took this one of the orange spine unicorn so you can see those spines around the tail.  They could thwack something, but I have never seen them do that.  Kinda thankful, too. 

I also saw a very cute blenny.  Your basic camou colors, but peeking out of a hole in a rock.  I tried to get it in the same frame with pink coral, but no joy.  Not a great day for visibility, but really enjoyed the octopuses and fish. Thank you, GOD!



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