Posted by: octogirl7 | July 26, 2014

I said a bad word!

Sorry to report that when the peppered moray appeared out of nowhere and swam about 5 inches below me, I said a bad word!

Luckily, I don’t think anyone heard…But when one swims directly under you, it tends to shock you.  I’m thankful he didn’t think I was a prey item.  I wonder if he even saw me!  They do say that eels have terrible eyesight.  Still got my attention, though, and I did catch a bit of him swimming away on video.

It took me over an hour to spot my first octopus!  They were either hiding well, or just couldn’t see ’em in the water….lots of visitors today, standing around and kicking up the bottom.

Before the octopus, though, I saw a little flounder.  so cute!  probably 4 inches long, including the tail.  The camouflage was so good, I only saw it when it moved.  Same colors as the bottom and little pebbles. I was surprised to learn that their eyes start out on each side of the head, but then one moves to the other side, so they can see from one side, with both eyes on the same side of their heads.  Odd, non?

Still lots of babies!  Tangs. Brighteye Chromis. Humus. Manini.  Raccoons.  So cute, and so fast.  Faster than my camera skills.

I only spotted one turtle, and that only as it swam off into the gloom.  Picture not good. 

Two eels.  The one that scared me and the little snowflake.  Just saw the head of the latter…s/he likes to sit out in the channel, in a hole in the coral.

I am still trying to be sure in identifying one of the humus that I see…it has a white dot on the base of its tail.  Very cute and very quick!

Another fantail filefish, also fast in hiding, and a longnose butterfly, who darted under a rock…Really,they have nothing to fear from me!

Today’s trash was: 2 scrunchies.  One silvery rusty barrette and 2 snorkels, one with mask attached.  The latter made it to my trunk, so next time we have visitors who want to snorkel, I’ll be ready with gear.

Also saw a big parrot fish being cleaned by a saddle wrasse.  I have only seen this behavior once before.  Perhaps because the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses are not plentiful in this bay, at least not inside…

I have also been seeing small gold saddle goat fish.  Very pretty.  Also some pink ones.  And a few small  trevally learning to fish with cornets and goats.  Guess you gotta learn sometime!

And tomorrow is the Tinman, so I’ll either have to leave really early for the Bay, or learn how to get there another way! 


See it?  The eye is in the upper left of the photo….I didn’t lie about the coloration being similar to the bottom, did I?


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