Posted by: octogirl7 | July 19, 2014

3 octopuses, 3 pals…coincidence?!

Today I had 3 pals from North Carolina.  And we found 3 octopuses…..conincidence?! I think not!  I also think that if we added up all their ages, I’d be older than that sum.  But no matter.  I was the octo-finder, so that’s the important thing

And we had a great time! Lots of fish, 3 octopuses hiding, so it was great.  A few snowflake morays, so they saw eels, but not the scary kind.  Glad for that.

Because of wind and waves, the vis wasn’t great.  And in my mind, I was apologizing to them for the condition of the reef:  if you go almost anywhere else in the world, you’d probably see a cleaner, healthier reef!  But I do appreciate the reef I get to swim near as well as a God who gives me all kinds of cool animals to look at and admire.

We also saw a huge tiger cowry!  It was REALLY hard not to pick up that shell. But since it was sitting on the reef and because we were in a protected marine preserve, I knew we couldn’t do it.  And also because I do believe the animal was still in it!  (Although I didn’t pick it up to find out…) I always love seeing them, because that tells me no matter how bad parts of the reef look, there are still enough healthy parts to have healthy shells.


I also made a few rookie mistakes:  didn’t notice that my camera had flipped to MACRO, so some of my first pix were junk.  But that’s ok.  Still saw the octopuses and fishes.  Also saw the fantail filefish again, before it darted under a rock.  They are SO SHY!

And of course, tons of baby fish: manini, those pretty baby tangs and of course, the little humu!  Only about 2 inches, tip to tail, I’d guess.  So cute!  And they too are shy: they hide in a hole as soon as they notice someone tracking them.

Well worth going.  Glad I did.

 I put this one in that one of the ladies took, because it shows my octo-numbers system. and my dive glove….




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