Posted by: octogirl7 | July 13, 2014


A friend at work calls any photo he takes that is really special MONEY.


I think this one qualifies….what do you think?

I love it because it has the octopus’s eyes and tentacles and siphon, all in one shot.

This was number 5 of the day, so a great day, especially for a Sunday, when I have to make the swim a little shorter.

There were also lovely clouds, a feisty humu and a young gurnard. 


I think this humu epitomizes the term

IN YOUR FACE!  He definitely was.  This is the first time I’ve seen their teeth.  Kinda impressive.  Luckily, he didn’t see it as necessary to take a bite.  He went away, when I didn’t back down.




This fish is so cool!  It has wings.  If you look at the middle of the animal, you’ll see its fishy body, which in this case was about 4 inches long, so it was a juvenile.  The wings help it float over the rocky bottom.  And look at the top: it has a little stick-up pointer.  Not sure what it does with that, but it does look kinda threatening.

And I didn’t notice until I took the picture larger, but it also has some spines along its back. Not sure if they have venom or anything, but they do make you think before grabbing it!  Not that I would do that. The older ones are much blockier looking, with a chunky head.  Not nearly as cute or as fast.

And the good news of today’s swim is that one of my “regulars” now has a boyfriend!  They had dens, one on top of the other, so two holes in the same large rock.  The assumed female occupied the top floor.  Well, the top hole in the rock. She had rocks covering the entrance, so it was hard to see her, but I did catch glimpses of her legs and eye. 

Her pal below blew water out just as I got there.  Don’t know if he was trying to clear out his den, or if he saw me coming, but the sand gathered back from the water, and it settled on him.  I don’t know if this causes any discomfort or problems, but I doubt it.  He didn’t seem too concerned.  And now that I think about it, it probably helps him hide, so it’s all good.

There were also many little guy fishes: convict tangs, raccoon butterflies, those blue tangs that are moving around in huge groups.  And also an unknown wrasse.  It moved like a cigar wrasse, but didn’t have the same color pattern.  Maybe the juveniles have a different color set.


This was the 3rd octopus.  I call it T3 and rainbows, because the light coming through the water made neat rainbow patterns on the rocks.

Lovely clouds, octopuses and un-irritating people.  A great snorkel day!

(And I got to church with time to spare.   God is good!)


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