Posted by: octogirl7 | July 5, 2014

Short but sweet!

Stopped swimming today because I simply ran outa juice!  This dang cold or whatever it is is truly sapping my energy.

But want to report 4 octopuses AGAIN!  One different one from yesterday. But the eels outnumbered them, with 5….two adults and 3 little guys. 

I was thrilled to note that the long-empty hole I’ve still been watching today had another octopus, #3.  Don’t know if my timing has been off, or if she came home early from a long night of hunting.  In any case, I was happy to see someone in that den.

She also peeked at me after i swam away and came back.  Just one part of her head, with that little ole eye bugging out.  Very cute.  Very smart. One never knows what I might do!  But it wouldn’t be hurt an octopus.



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