Posted by: octogirl7 | June 29, 2014

clouds galore

Lovely rain-filled clouds!  I got lots of shots today…and only some were complicated by people in the water.  I guess I have to expect that when I got to the most populated beach in Hawaii, if not the world!



Sometimes I have to choose between taking photos topside or under!

Of course, the good thing about this type of cloudy weather is that some folks stay home.  Just saying.  Just selfish.

And I saw only 1 really well hidden octopus.  Disappointing, but any day with an octopus is still a good day.

Maybe I should count the octopuses I got on vacation….one in Monaco and one in Boston.  Oh and the necklace in Toronto.  Seems like once you start collecting, you really find them everywhere!

Maybe I should start counting eels…I saw at least 6 of those today!  I hope the eels are not eating the octopuses, although I know that is one of their prey items.

And I have a correction to yesterday’s post:  it was the spotted REEF crab.

I’m also wondering about this eel:  is it a fimbriated?  Doesn’t really seem to fit the i.d. photo i found:


Whatever it is, it’s a small one!

I also saw the porcupine puffer again, with its algae.  Seems so odd!


I kinda wanted to scrub that green stuff off!  Can’t be good for the fish…..

I also saw a nice adult rockmover wrasse.  Glad to see them. On Kauai, when I used to snorkel there, I would find these wrasse and usually an octopus that they were ticking off.  They move rocks and sometimes octopuses are hiding under them.


You can see they have strong jaws, just perfect for picking up rocks and moving them around.

Also saw a nice sailfin tang.  In this shot, it shows its sail, as well as the blue part near the tail that contains the spike.


These fish also usually travel in pairs.  The one this fish traveled with was just outside camera range; it wasn’t showing its fin.

Let’s hope that the upcoming holiday will give me more swim time, as well as octo-sightings!


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