Posted by: octogirl7 | June 22, 2014

Today I had the camera!

Today, having learned the no camera lesson yesterday, I had not only my regular camera, but a spare!

Glad I did too: the water was flat and so calm I was able to go outside the reef to snoop around.

That is, after seeing my one and only octopus, who hid so well he was barely on the video.  (So I’m not uploading it.) (Just in case you were wondering….)

Outside, I saw a bunch of humu.  and a white cheeked tang.  and a black durgon who showed me its face:


When the sun shines on them, there are even more colors and patterns.  They move differently too, moving the top and the bottom fins, instead of those on the side…

I saw huge groups of these guys, but they were mostly at the surface, so kinda hard to catch on camera.

Also saw the white cheeked tang.  A wonderful, lovely fish, with a white spot in its cheek and great yellow accents on the tail.

Also saw two eels: one small snowflake and one white one with brown streaks…have to look that one up.

Now about the octopus:  it was in one of the two dens near each other that I saw yesterday, when the pair was mating.  So not sure if it was the female (my guess) or the male.  In any case, very reticent, so that’s one reason I think it’s the female.  The female octopus is sometimes more shy than the male.  (Sounds better than saying the male takes off afterwards!)

It was a definite pleasure to be outside the reef too: groups of black durgon, giant trevally, goatfish, parrot fish.  A true treat!

Also saw a trumpet fish, a few trunk fish, a peacock grouper, squirrel fish.  Most of which stayed straight on, so I couldn’t snap ’em from the side view.

Almost forgot  my other fave: the pinktail durgon!



Just a wonderful fish.  Maybe next time, I’ll get a more up close and personal view.

Just glad to have my camera back in my hand.  De Quervain’s or no!




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