Posted by: octogirl7 | June 21, 2014

I knew it!!!

So as I was about halfway to the Bay this morning, I realized that i had forgotten my camera at home!

If I turned around to get it, I would get to the Bay late and that means bad water visibility, since inexperienced people would have mucked up the water.  So I decided to give my muscles a rest and just swim, camera-less. I remember thinking: maybe nothing exciting would happen.  All the while thinking: I’ll bet something good will happen and make me regret not having the camera.

And it did!  I knew it!

I saw a mating pair of octopuses.  Grrrr!  Well, great to see them.  Not great to be camera-less.  That’ll teach me!

To backtrack, I saw the first octopus after an hour of swimming.  Not unusual, especially these days, when I am seeing fewer octopuses.  I thanked God and also thought: ok, we’re good now.  I hate to be skunked in octo-snooping.

So since I didn’t have the chance to photograph the first octopus, I just paused, watching it.  I even twinkled my gloved fingers at it.  It just sat in its den, watching me.  I had found this one because of a circling small bluefin trevally fish.  So it was already hunkered down, hiding.  But it peeked out a little bit and continued to watch me.  I just love pausing to admire the little creatures.  So cool.  And with those eyes that are reportedly always horizontal, no matter the position of the octopus.

So I finally decided to leave and search for more octopuses.

Saw the other usual cast of characters: a group of threadfin butterfly fishes (about 21), trunk fish, big and small parrot fishes.  And a pair of lined butterfly fish, my favorites.  They chomped up their breakfast, not caring that I was there.

And then on the way back, I saw the #2 octopus…and he was reaching his sneaky leg to octopus #3!! Mating in progress.  What joy!  And no documentation.  Of course.  So I paused just as I arrived.  The leg retreated and the female octopus sank back into her den.  I thought: oh darn, I’ve interrupted them.   But then she peeked out again, probably hoping that I’d be gone.  So I held myself in place.  The male put out his leg again, but the female retreated again.  Apparently she had gotten out of the mood.

So I moved a bit further away, still watching and waiting.  They both stayed a bit above their dens, which were about a foot apart.  Close but not too close. Then I decided to leave them to their octo-pursuits.  Hope they continued preparing to present more octopuses to the world.

I told one of the rangers about the mating, and he accused me of watching octo-porn.  HA.  Natural process.  Maybe they are just surprised that I am interested enough to watch……the fish certainly don’t seem to care!

So let this be a cautionary tale: if you forget your camera, go back and get it!



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