Posted by: octogirl7 | May 11, 2014

Fear of Skunk!

Since it took me one and a half hour to find my one and only octopus, I definitely had fear of skunk!

Or rather, being skunked!

It’s been a while since I saw absolutely no octopuses, and I was loath to repeat that process.

As I was coming back in from being outside the reef, I saw a small trevally circling.  Always a good sign of something hiding; sometimes an octopus, sometimes an eel.

In this case, I backed off and waited.  it’s always a toss-up of who will have more patience, me or the octopus.  In this case, I won!  There was a small octopus that peeked out at me, so I was very thankful.  VERY thankful!

I absolutely hate to have to report to my peeps that I was skunked.  So thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

I’m mostly blaming low tide.  It was low when I got to the Bay and only got lower while I was there.

But I did see pretty clouds while waiting for the gate to open.  Six minutes late, too, I might add!


This beautiful, from the car window!

Since the tide was so low, i thought it might be problematic to see any octopuses, since most of my hidey holes/dens require you to be able to be above the rocks to see inside.  I was able to check one such den, but no joy.  No octopus inside.  Don’t know if she went somewhere else due to the low tide, or what. They never call, they never write and they really never explain themselves! 

A medium-sized barracuda did slide out of the mist, right in front of me.  They are so silent and sneaky.  Ninja barracuda.


See what I mean?  Only the black parts of the tail really give it away.  He slid away, into the gloom.

A big trevally also slid by quickly. Chasing something I never did discover what.  Whatever it was, was probably quite scared.  Those fish are really fast and also they have metallic but scary eyes…they kinda stare off into the nothingness.  There’s no eye interaction as there is with the octopus.

So since the pond was starting to get crowded and I had mostly given up being able to scope out an octopus, I went outside, through the channel. (I found the octopus upon coming back inside…)

Wow, what a rush!

Extremely calm water inside meant not much agitation outside. But there were crazy eggs in the water.

At least, that’s what I suspect they were: round, brownish/orangish and everywhere!  I had always heard that fish that propagate in the water, always have bazillions of eggs…that is what this looked like.  However, I didn’t see any fish eating them. So it felt kinda odd swimming around in that.  However, the black and pinktail durgon fishes made me forget all about that.

LOVE those fish! Crazy pretty and also a scribbled filefish swam through while I was filming. 

The group of giant trevally was circling again, too.  Not sure why they were doing that.  Didn’t seem to be any prey item in the middle.  The pinktail durgon was at one point, but they didn’t seem at all interested in that fish.

The trash report for the day was item found: one half of a carabiner.  And a 6 tooth bridge!  I guess I can see how a bridge might fall out, especially if you pull out your snorkel.  I wonder how much money that was!  I hope it was the bottom jaw because that many teeth would really be noticeable if it were the top jaw!


Yes, you are right, it’s kinda creepy to find teeth in the water.  At least they weren’t attached to a jaw, thank God!

Also saw what I call a plaid trumpetfish.  I don’t think it enjoyed me being there, what with me being a big predator.  Well, they might think I am.  Bigger than the trumpetfish, anyway. 

I do really love going outside, especially when it’s calm.  Not much resistance going back in.  There is always the thought that one of the bigger, apex predators might be out there, but that’s life in the ocean!  I swam around, taking video of the durgons flying through the scene.


You can see the dots in the water?  That’s the eggs.  Really wish I knew what type of egg they were, or even whether they are for sure. 

Didn’t get a fab shot of the durgons, though.  They have  lovely electric blue lines running down their backs and their stomachs at the beginning of the fins.  And in just the right light, you can see the wonderful color pattern on their faces.  I’m not lying when I say that God created a fab creature!  Of course, Octopus still rule!

But just so you know that I am an equal opportunity photographer, here’s the toby hiding:


Cute, huh?  I can see why it would be afraid of me.  I’m like a jillion times bigger than that fish!

And to complete the post, here’s what I mean by water “flat as a piece of paper”:


I am so blessed to live in Hawaii!






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