Posted by: octogirl7 | May 4, 2014

That’s gonna leave a mark!

So, thinking I was bulletproof, and while gliding over the rock, I apparently kicked a little too forcefully and ran into a piece of rock/coral.  Just below the hip, on the big part of my leg. This piece of rock was thinking Oh no you won’t!

I thought: That’s gonna leave a mark!  I bruise more easily these days…we’ll see.

Other than that, a wonderful dive today!  Lovely water, high-ish tide, 5 octopuses and one….wait for it!…devil scorpionfish!  LOVE THAT!!! It was a small one, probably about 5 inches all told, counting the tail.  Granted, I have a hard time judging size underwater, since it does magnify things.

The weird thing about this one was that it kept making a head motion, almost as if it were sneezing!  Maybe it had swallowed something that didn’t agree with it.  But it also kept moving along, so I moved along with it.

The water was lapping all around us.  I’m sure some of its movement was due to the waves coming it, but I have never had one move quite so much.  In fact, that’s the only reason I saw it: had it kept still, I would never have caught on that it was there….can you spot it?


Just rock, right?  Look for the fin in the center…You can see the various parts of the fin, as it is spread.  Follow that up in the photo and you’re on the body.  The tail flows down, to the right.  Pretty amazing!

I was conflicted with tako 2.  As I was filming it, a scribbled filefish flew past.  Cannot get two things with one camera! So I kept with the octopus.  But I LOVE scribbled filefish.  So pretty.

I’m sorry to report too, that I once again make the first octopus angry.  She blew at me 3 or 4 times.  I still laugh, but I do feel kinda bad.  I did eventually swim away.  I’m surprised she hasn’t learned yet that I don’t intend her harm.  Although giving away her hiding place maybe is as bad as hurting her.

One thing I realized today, too, as I pored over all the videos and photos I took, is that anyone reading this post might not know: I usually take over 100 photos and videos in a two hour period!  This was true yesterday and today.  So not always so many, but when there are great and interesting animals, I tend to just snap snap snap, since until I get the film home, I cannot tell which might be great shots and which won’t.  So I go and hope.


This is the 2nd octopus I saw.  If you look closely, perhaps you can see the red rock.  To the left of the rock, there’s a hole, which is the octo-den.  In it, you can see the octopus’ eye….it has white lines radiating out from it.  Pretty cool, non?

I also saw a couple of eels, but as is my desire, the octopus sightings outweighed the eel sightings.  Saw a nice white mouth moray and a snowflake being irritated by a small trevally.  Can you see the eel’s teeth?



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