Posted by: octogirl7 | May 3, 2014


So excited, I could hardly walk down the hill today: high-ish tide AND calm water!!!  Hoo-boy! and I was not disappointed.

I saw 7 octopus.  A wonderful number, especially considering that I saw only two the last time I got wet.

The first octopus was one that is a regular and I think she might be working on some eggs.  She has barricaded herself into the den, which in my mind means she’s working on something!  I stand amazed that the rocks don’t fall down into the den, but I guess octopuses are good at balancing, too.


One of the later octopuses tried to hide behind sand: in its den, it used its arms to push sand up in front of itself.  I got it on tape, but its kinda hard to see.  Quite smart, tho.

I was also treated to a small (probably 3 inches long, including tail) green hawaiian scorpion fish.  They are so amazing: lots of good camouflage but the careful eye can catch the patterns on the fins and see the reflective quality of their eyes.  Lovely!


Also amusing was the little octopus, now a regular, who had fish swimming all around him.  The funny part was that when one fish came at him, he ducked.  Cute to look at. And life affirming, too.

And since the water was calm and I had the time, I went outside the barrier reef.  Fabulous!  Saw a barracuda, a turtle and my favorite fish: the pinktail durgon!  Also a black durgon.  I love going outside, because there are so many more fish and in larger groups.

And octopus #5 I found outside; and it flew for me!  Quite a thrill.  Once it settled, I got quite a few good still shots.


See it?  Just to the left of the goatfish.  Good camou, right?!

I also saw a baby clumpy nudibranch.  Quite cute.


Got happy with that bit of light on it.

Also saw a Hebrew cone shell.  And a turtle. And two eels.  I love it when octopuses outnumber the eels!  And I love me some deep water!




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