Posted by: octogirl7 | May 1, 2014

Raccoons, Butterflies and Convicts

Now, before I tell you what I mean by the title, get a picture in your mind…raccoons, butterflies and convicts.

Got it?

OK, now remember that I write about octopuses and fishes. So I have a video of raccoon butterfly fishes and convict tangs. All of them fishes…but different than what you thought, right?!

So I took 2 hours vacation today, because we are getting ready to leave the country for a terrestrial vacation and I figure I’ll be jonesing to get into the water by the time we return.  Not that I can store up the good ocean relaxation, but I can sure try!

Tide was a bit higher today, but the count was still low: 2!  And outweighed by eel sightings: a couple of big ones and one little snowflake. All I can say is they better not be eating my octopuses!!!

And of course, as is becoming my habit, I got the camera going just AFTER the trevally chased octopus #1 into his den! I had seen the octopus right away after getting in.  So I took some video, but since it was a young one and appeared very interested in disappearing out of my sight, I left it alone and went to search for another octopus.

Which I found.  Then after the eelage and 2nd octopus, I didn’t find much of anything, except trash and a nice shell, which I left right there, of course.

So hoping to see octopus 1 again (it’s now a regular), I traveled back into shallower water near the breaking reef.  And saw the octopus come screaming into its den, with a trevally in hot pursuit!  DAD GUM IT!  Missed that action.

After all, the Olympus TG-2 is a great camera, but I cannot leave it on and ready for the entire two hours when I am swimming.  That would make the battery low probably in half that time. Plus, it has an automatic off timer, so you don’t leave the battery ready but not recording for a long time. So it stands to reason there is a chance that I will miss things, especially when they happen quickly.  The octopus I missed filming today was all curled up too, as it flew.  They curl up their legs when they are being chased, so the chasing animal cannot have a small arm as a target. (At least I think that’s their logic!)  So, I have the video in my mind, but not in my camera.

And today’s trash looked like this:


Three scrunchies (please do not wear these in the water…they fall off, apparently), 1 piece of glass, one small piece of paper and yes, you guessed it!  An entire mask strap with attachments.  I’m askin’ ya:  How could someone actually lose their mask strap without immediately finding it?  I would be the one voting to feel around immediately to try to find it, with my  mask held up to my eyes by hand.

Anyway, regardless of how it happened, I threw it away once I ended my dive.  It’s is kinda fun, in a sick way, to try to figure out what someone will lose in the water.  I do think I’m due to find another gold ring, however.  We can use the money on our upcoming France visit!

But it’s all good.  I got to see some of my octo-pals and that’s worth using 2 hours of vacation!




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