Posted by: octogirl7 | April 27, 2014

One octopus

Again, the eels outnumbered the octopuses!  Can you believe?!

It was nice, though, because I once again had company.  Human company, that is.

Two friends.  I admitted to them, before getting into the water, to a bit of performance anxiety.

Well, you know how it is!  You talk about the octopuses you see and then people want to go with, to see them also.  And then the anxiety comes in when you think: What if I DON’T see any today? 

At least I have the youtube videos.  That is proof that I have seen some octopuses, at least.  But it would be a total drag not to see any of my octo-pails.  Especially when you have people who are with you, hoping to see them!

So I pointed out the first and it turns out, only octopus of my day.  But we also saw this octopus for a while….s/he was above her den and just sat there, letting us look.  Nice sighting.  The light was low, though, so the photos are not very exciting:


See the octopus?  Just below the convict tang….

The big green headed eel was still in the channel, hoping for prey.  And a big brown eel residing now where there was an octopus just yesterday.  That’s the challenge:  you see something at home one day, and the next day, someone else is living there.  I would MUCH rather have seen the octopus again, but that’s just me.  I can take comfort in the hope that the octopus escaped before the eel arrived.  I may never know.

Three turtles, also. That was a good surprise.  One was calmly eating breakfast against the reef.  Another had his head down under the coral head, also eating.  Then the smallest one was swimming by.  A treat.

And I hate to admit it, but once again I took almost 10 minutes of dumb….didn’t turn off the video with the previous filming, so the video continued.  There is some nice footage of the underneath portion of the surface.  Nice colors and weird effects.  But mostly dumb.  There’s some great footage of sand.  Which can be interesting, but mostly it’s dumb to record it. What can I say/  I was distracted!!

One of my friends had a mask issue, so they got out to get ready for church.  And I, hoping against hope, that I would see another octopus, kept swimming, but no joy.  With so many people around, even the earlier octopus had disappeared.  Still, it’s all good! One octopus is better than no octopuses!  Especially with expectant witnesses. And of course, when I did get out, one of the regulars regaled me with a story about the octopus that swam along with them! GRRRR!  You would think my octo-sensors would have been blaring!



The other good news is that no one was bitten by those eels.  They do look menacing, but unless you put your hand down where you oughtn’t, you’re usually pretty safe.  Except when that darned peppered moray is on the prowl!  Luckily, we didn’t see him today.

And we all got to church with time to spare. 


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