Posted by: octogirl7 | April 19, 2014

A very nice swim indeed!

Today’s swim was a bit different in that I had company: two friends from church who wanted to go with.

One wanted to go because she’s moving soon to New Zealand.  The other one wanted to go because the first one wanted to. ha. No really, she wanted to go because she hadn’t been to Hanauma Bay in a while.

And my fave Park Ranger was there, who gave us some insights into native plants that were in the park, since one of my company was a botanist.

So after a prayer for safety, we got in.  They didn’t have fins, so what I thought might irritate them (my slow swimming) turned out not to be bad at all.  We rather quickly found two octopuses, so that was happiness all round.

The botanist peeked into the den and got some rather nice shots of the 2nd octopus, which blasted me with water in an attempt to get me to go away from the entrance to its den. (Which worked, but only to be replaced with the eyes of my co-swimmers!)


You can see the eye, siphon and part of its leg.  Nice shot, eh?! (We saw a total of 3 octopuses today.)

We also saw the snowflake moray, with its mouth opening and closing.  We weren’t afraid.

And then my snorkel failed!  I mean totally.  One minute I was breathing fine, the next I was breathing water.  Completely irritating! But also fixable.  So I swam into shore and got my 2nd snorkel and it worked fine, thank God.

We also got some nice shots of a young turtle, which surprised us by coming up out of nowhere to swim near us.  We snapped a few shots, but mostly kept away from it, until it left the area.


And this one:


I think they would have voted that getting up this early to be at the Bay by 6 a.m. was worth it!


And she also caught this shot of me with octopus #1.  I rarely see myself underwater since selfies are really not where I’m at, but this one was kinda cute.




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