Posted by: octogirl7 | April 13, 2014

Two only but thankful!

On this Palm Sunday, I was almost going to complain about seeing only 2 octopuses…but still, they were good, if unusual sightings, so I’m going to thank God for them, instead of complaining.

The first octopus, which I might add too me over an hour to find (darned low tide!), was a very odd sight.  I noticed some odd white pieces of stuff blowing slowly around a hole.  With rocks.  You know what that means.  Possible octopus inside!

So I peered carefully in.  Maybe I should upload the video: the rocks were on top of the hole.  I do not understand how the octopus can carefully layer rocks to stay on top of emptiness, but somehow they manage it.

The only reason I’m sure there was an octopus inside (and the video did not capture this) was that I saw, just for an instant, a sucker.  Pure proof.  Of course, I would have been happier to have the actual video proof, but with octopuses, you take what you can get.

I’m told that once they are ready to lay and care for their eggs, they stop eating and just stay in the den.  Not eating. (And I’ve said in previous posts what this means, so I don’t want to mention it again..too upsetting.)

Anyway, I can only assume that the octopus inside was getting ready to hatch eggs.  I was excited to think that perhaps the white things floating out of the den in the first place were baby octopuses, but they didn’t appear to be.  I’ll watch the video again with stop motion to see if maybe I can draw a bead on what that white stuff was.

Anyway, happy and relieved to finally see one octopus after searching for over an hour.

Then I checked all the usual spots for octopuses, no joy.

Since it was such low tide, I had no choice but to abandon some of the places where I can usually find my octo-pals.  Never a good sign.  Higher tide = more sightings.

So before the visitors made me completely lose it and give a lecture, I decided that since I was ultimately going to church that I would again check as much as I could in the reef and see if anyone had come home.

and one octopus had!


Reminds me of Bill Cosby: nothin’ but his little old eye buggin’ out!

He was totally watching me.  Just above the red rock, you can see his eye and his bumpy head.

I also got video (on youtube, look for tako 2 mad).  What I had to do since the tide was too low to actually swim over his den, was to raise my arms basically over my head and over the den.  Since I was lying on the surface, putting the camera over my head and over the den meant I had no idea if I was catching anything good on the film.  What I got was the tako mad!  If you watch the video slowly, you can see the gradual change in color, from kinda beige to an angry orangish-red.  This was an adult octopus who wasn’t too happy with my camera being within his range.  At least he didn’t grab and swim off with it.  I don’t want to give the octopuses any new ideas!  I love my Olympus TG-2 and do not want to be parted from it.

The only thing bad about the camera is that I have not yet figured out how to edit the sound: you can often hear me breathing.  You can also sometimes hear the shrimp make their popping sound. That is what alerts me to the chance of octopuses in the area: I do believe they like shrimp.

I must explain also: I had 3 scrunchies and a piece of plastic in my hand.  This did not help me get my octopus 2 number out very well!  I should always swim with the next number in my system ready, but with all the trash I picked up, it slowed my roll.

But thank God the weather was a bit rainy and cloudy.  This makes all but the hardiest visitors do something else instead of snorkeling.


Unfortunately, some of them came out anyway.  And had to stand on the bottom, stirring things up.  And I was good.  No lectures today.  Even though it was very hard not to respond to the lady who announced to her group that if they waited, the sand being stirred up would clear up and they would see fish!  I wanted to say: and if you swam instead of walking on the bottom, you wouldn’t have the sand stirred up in the first place!  But I held my peace.  I would only ask that if you ever come to the bay, please be familiar with your gear first!  It really helps to be able to just swim and float, without having to walk and talk while in the water.  But actually, I so see scuba divers, who should know better, getting ready to get into the water by standing around talking before walking out.  I guess they aren’t familiar with their gear either!

But two octopuses was well worth the small aggravation. Added bonus: got to church on time.  And was waiting outside to welcome my boss and his wife to our church!



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