Posted by: octogirl7 | April 5, 2014

No Numbers!!!!!!!

So I got to the Bay early, even though I mis-read my Hello Kitty alarm clock.  I thought I had an hour and a half before leaving the house, but instead had only half an hour.  DUH!

Discovered that 1/2 hour is just about what I need to read the daily Word and the devos and write my thanks to God in my journal and then write down a Scripture for the day.  Whew! Good to know; better to watch the clock more closely in the first place. Don’t want to rush all that.

But got in the water at around 6:30 a.m.  Just in time.  Swam out and realized that I hadn’t put my octo-counting numbers back together yet.  2nd duh of the day! So I was numberless.  Which means, if I were to see any octopus, I would need to count them on my hands and show in the video.  MUCH less cool than my little plastic numbers on the string.  I had made new ones for those that had broken and hadn’t put the little discs back onto the fishing line yet.  Oh well.  (When I got home, I put the numbers and fishing line on the sofa, so I would have to sit on them.  That will help me remember to complete the job. I hope.)

So when I saw the first octopus, you see my big ole green gardening glove showing ONE with my pointer finger.  It works; just more clumsy.

But before that first octopus, there was a small flounder.  Very cute.  It moved so I saw it.  The video on youtube is a bit blurry at the beginning because someone has not yet read her camera manual to be able to tell how to undo something she did by accident.  Maybe we have to call that the 3rd duh of the day.  I was starting early with my duh-ness.

Then I saw the first of two scorpion fish.  Probably about 4 inches long.  It was the tail that gave it away, because there was no movement of the fish.  At all.  Even though I was in fairly shallow water and that was moving me around.  Didn’t bother the fish at all.  But I could see the tail and when I followed that up into the rock, saw the rest of the body and the eyes.  They didn’t move either.  I got some shots.  See if you can tell it’s a scorp.


Not easy to see, is it?  Look first for the tail, just to the right of the dark grayish pebble.  The tail is multi-colored.  Then follow that up to the head, just under the curve of the rock.  Good hider, right?!

Saw a total of 5 octopuses.  A great day. It still amazes me that some folks can swim right over it and RIGHT BY ME, WITH MY CAMERA, and not figure out that maybe there is something worth seeing in the frame. Oh well, probably for the best.  From past experience, I know that if people know about it, they go tell their friends who scream or try to touch the octopus.  Both activities get on my nerves, as you might imagine.

So after seeing the scorp and tako 1, I swam off.  And found scorp #2.  Can you believe?  Two in 1/2 hour?! This one was also hard to see.  (I have to search for the photo…not named yet.)  This one was upside down inside a curve in the coral.  Bigger than I first guessed, too. Maybe 6 inches long or so.  Needless to say, I do not put anything that might help me judge the size near the fish.  I really do not want to experience a bite or puncture from this animal!!

When I swam out into the channel, I saw another lovely lei trigger fish.  They are subtle, but so pretty, with the nice yellow markings.  They also have a calm demeanor, unlike some of their trigger cousins.  Just gliding slowly along, searching for food, and then blowing sand out of their gills.

Also saw a pair of lined butterfly fishes.  They are also very pretty, but not as calm.  They scoot out of the way whenever I get my camera going. Why shy, I wonder?

Tako 3 let me look, but 5 was very shy.  It didn’t change to the maroon color, but it did sink down in its den and just sit there, all nubbly and calm.  (I still think it’s so amazing that they can not only change the colors of their skins, but also the texture: horns and bumps and raggedy edges.  Quite amazing!)

Have a great weekend.  Gotta go to work for a few hours! (Yeah, I’m surprised myself…)




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