Posted by: octogirl7 | March 29, 2014

One more than yesterday….

When I was thinking that I was somewhat disappointed to see only one octopus this morning, I remembered: Hey!  I didn’t see any yesterday!

Well, that might be because I didn’t swim, but still….

I am thankful for any and all octopuses that I see! After all, it’s not easy to spot them.  I am thankful to have the “squid eye”, as it’s called over here.  Even though they aren’t squid.  Same family, but not the same animal.

I kept thinking about the NOAH movie…two by two! But no joy.

I did see a pair of lined butterfly.  Compared to the threadfin, they are much larger and tend not to move in packs, but two by two. (there’s that theme again.)

The one octopus was one of my regulars.  When I looked into the den earlier, s/he wasn’t there. Then s/he was.  Then not!  Where did this octopus go?  Was it toying with me?  Probably just doesn’t want to be taken for granted.

I did find that the tide was so low, I couldn’t get back over the rocks.  So I had to get out and then get back in again, in the deeper part.  And I found part of a dive mask strap.  And a cell phone!

And not just the tiny kind.  This was one of those big honking ones!  Very irritating to carry!  I had just gotten in the water again, so I didn’t want to get out again right away to turn in the dang thing.  So I put it into the leg of my dive skin.  At least that way I wouldn’t have to actually carry it in my hand.

And then it rang!

One of those irritating melody rings.  And then it rang again.  And then again!

I thought, wow!  The owner has definitely noticed that she doesn’t have it. Finally, it stopped ringing. 

So I swam out into the deeper part and was rewarded by the sight of a lei trigger fish.  They are so pretty in a subtle kind of way.  Unfortunately, the photo was of the fish from the side, so you cannot see how pretty she was.  (And no, I do not know if it was a female, but they just have a feminine feel, somehow.)

Did catch some pretty sunrise shots.  And when I got out, a good one of the gray clouds.  Lovely.


Then, I got out and turned the blooming phone in. It is amazing the thing was still working!

Here’s the gray clouds photo:



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