Posted by: octogirl7 | March 26, 2014

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my…..butt?!

So I was swimming…yes, on a Wednesday!  Praise God for holidays!

First interesting animal I saw was the peacock flounder.  And of course, I thought I was recording, but wasn’t.  So I realized it and then recorded.  And that’s when the flounder decided to stay still.  They are very good in their camouflage, and if they don’t move, it’s hard to see them.  Not as good as the octopuses, however.  They can also change their skin texture, making warts and horns.  A great animal.  Really! Would I lie?!

I hadn’t seen my first octopus, but had seen my first (dead) box jelly.  So I was being watchful, especially since it was the channel where I had seen the jelly fish, and I was still near enough to that area that I might see more.

So I heard some rain beginning and popped up to see rain coming from seaward. I thought hey, no prob, I’m wet anyway! But as I continued to swim, I realized I was feeling raindrops on my butt! Not a feeling I have very often (and it tells you where my padding is…that’s the part that floats best! ha) but couldn’t figure out a way to get a photo of that.  But I did get a great photo of the rain on the water, with my new Olympus TG-2!!!  What a great camera.



Can you see the drops?!  That’s the first time I’ve had a camera that was fast enough to actually catch drops as they bounce on the surface of the ocean.  Um, wow!

Wended my way toward the shallower area and was able to get out to the reef break without dragging across the rocks.  Some others were not so lucky.  So I swam out and saw octopus 2!  Funny, too, because I saw the mouth to what I assumed was an octo-den….rocks around a hole.  So I thought, well, I’ll hang back and see if the octopus gets tired of being inside and comes out.  You know, they are curious.  And when I backed up, I saw the wily octopus not only was watching me, but from another hole just above the first one!  He was watching me as I waited for him.  HAHA

Sadly, and I do think they are smart enough to do this on purpose, s/he was in a hole that wasn’t in the direct line of the sun, so it was darker.  Easier to hide.  Unfortunately, that also means easier to hide from the camera.  I won’t ever intentionally do a flash photo, so I’m pretty hamstrung if they are just in a shadow.  But I saw it and that’s the important thing.

And I swam out toward the reef break and almost ran into a live box jelly!  I got a little video.  So I debated a bit about whether I should get out or not.  Gee, it was only a little over an hour on the dive!  And it was a holiday.  But sanity prevailed and I got out, warning the man who was about to go in about the jelly fish. I haven’t had a jelly sting me yet, Praise God, but do not need that experience.

And to leave on a good note, here’s octopus #1.  Which nicely sat there and let me photograph him/her.  Thanks, God!  For creating such a cool animal.  And giving me health and safety to see them!




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