Posted by: octogirl7 | March 23, 2014


Well, on Friday, I found 4 octopuses before 7 a.m.!  Today, I despaired of finding any…finally found my first one at 7:15.  Were they all at Starbucks?! (Visualize that…it’s a fun picture…)

You can imagine that on SUNDAY, this was making me a bit despairing, as I have to get out at 8:30 a.m. at the latest, to make it to church by 9:15 (which I did…by a hair..) I got in at 6:30, once again beating the Speedo Torpedo, who, come to think of it, I didn’t see at all.  Perhaps he was traveling or taking the day off.

In any case, ended up seeing a total of 6 of my octo-pals.  It amazes me that some will totally sit still for me to photograph or videotape them, and others shrink back into their dens, and pretend I’m not there…

It was such an amazing day that I actually took some photos and video of fish, instead of octopuses!  Yes, I am not lying! Of course, of the 60 or so photos and probably 30 videos, granted only 3 were of fish.  They simply are not as interesting to me.  But if I remember, I will upload the barred filefish…when he swam, the sun was behind his dorsal and pectoral fins, and made a nice visual.  And I did see a big group of threadfin butterfly fish.  Also pretty, but the water quality wasn’t great then, so you cannot really appreciate how pretty they are.

One turtle.  It is hard to catch them on tape when you are backpedaling!  I never want to approach one closely, so I’m filming as I’m trying to get away from the animal.  Not that they chase me; far from it.  But they don’t seem very bothered by me (and this was a young one), so they don’t really flee from me.

Octopus 6 was at home in the rock with the hole on top, near the thick stick.  A great landmark.  She wasn’t home earlier, but she was at the end of the dive.  And sat still for me to film her.  Of course, the trevally circling might have had something to do with that.

And as I was watching and filming tako 5, I backed off a bit to get a different angle with more light in the frame, and discovered a small green headed eel!  With mouth open, buried and hiding in a hole nearby.  Stay away from my octopuses, would ya?!


Here’s tako 5, the calmest of the octopuses today.  Didn’t seem to mind me photographing.  If you can, take a close peek and see the pretty aqua color just above the siphon.  Proves to me that God did create everything…..why else would such a pretty color be necessary?  God was having some fun!


Same octopus a few seconds later with siphon closed.

When I got home from church, hubby and I visited the gold for sale place and made $250!!!  All in “found gold”, so it’s a little surprise present.  Yahoo!!!


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