Posted by: octogirl7 | March 22, 2014

woo hoo! what a weekend! and it ain’t over yet!

Started off the weekend on Thursday night at the HIM Conference.  For any of you who are unfamiliar, woo-hoo!

Picture about 100 speakers from all over, talking about life, love of God, Bible, fighting evil, and victory!  An amazing 2 day extravaganza. Francis Chan, Priscilla Shirer, Nic Vujicic.  Just an amazing time of talks, seminars and worship.  Incroyable!


So glad I live Hawaii!

Then took Friday morning to visit the octopuses and other animals in Hanauma Bay.  Also a great time!!! 7 octopuses, more than in any recent time.  Two flew around.  The first one, I think I accidentally flew over, because it flew under and away from me.  And yes, I caught it on tape.

The 2nd octopus was surprised in his den on top, on the left hand side. Hid too well to get good video, but enjoyed sneaking a peek at him anyway, as I was close enough that I could have reached out and touched.  Which of course I was precluded from doing.

Later, I saw a damsel fish nip a barracuda in the tail! Biggish damsel, but still I thought how brave it was!  And the barracuda darted quickly off, instead of turning and biting the fish.  Kinda surprised me. The barracuda was probably at least 15 times bigger than the damsel fish.  Wouldn’t catch me drawing up on a barracuda.

The last tako of the morning seemed to have some kind of skin condition just above his eye.  Didn’t stop him from blowing water at me.  Sometimes they can get testy! Wonder why.

The water was awesome too.  Since the sun rises earlier these days, I was able to get into the water before Speedo Torpedo, so that was the way to see the two octopuses on the left.  Nothing wrong with swimming for exercise, which is what he does, but it does tend to spook my reclusive octopuses! They get over it, but it might take a while.

The 2nd octopus that flew, ultimately flew to a rock, clung to the side and then peeked out at me.  I laugh when I see this.  not easy to do when you have a snorkel in your mouth.  It’s like a fun game of hide and seek.  Or hide and peek.

One of the other fun things about the conference (and they showed it again today) was the Victor Marx story scene.  Go to youtube and search for Victor Marx marriage.  It’s a hoot.  He really is a martial arts master, as is his wife.


In case you have a hard time seeing the hiding octopus, look for the white, circular siphon.  They don’t stay alive unless they are good hiders!


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