Posted by: octogirl7 | March 14, 2014

Since I’m on Kauai tomorrow……

Since we get to visit a long time friend on Kauai tomorrow (and I won’t be snorkeling here on Oahu), I decided to take 2 hours vacation to see my octo-pals.  And they loved me back!

Saw 4 of them.  (I have a theory: since my 5 and 6 are broken on my numbering system, my theory is that I will always see fewer than 5, so I don’t have to use fingers to count ’em in my video….let’s see how that theory holds up!)

A lovely day.  Since the sun is coming up sooner, I was able to get into the water at 6:35!  Before the Speedo Torpedo!!! Almost immediately, I saw an octopus, hiding in the rocks.  Then another! There was a little hiatus with a barracuda with a body almost as big as my arm, but after that, I looked shoreward and saw something on a rock where an octopus once lived.  And one was at home!

Tako #3 totally let me photograph him. And film.  And photograph.  It was so cute how close he let me get.  I could have reached out to touch the octopus!  And of course, I didn’t.  My co-worker said maybe they are recognizing me now! HA

Although, now that I think about it, that isn’t impossible.  I do look the same each time: mask, plastered down short hair and blue/black dive skin.  Who knows?

Really enjoyed being that close, because I got to see all the gradations of color on his skin. And he made a few bumps on his skin.

Tako #4 was a big adult.  He wasn’t as happy to see me. He blew water at me several times. What I did?!  But at least he let me film him, without totally disappearing in his den.

And since it was calm outside, I sneaked out into deeper water. No octopuses visible, but saw two pairs of longnose butterfly fish.  And of course, the usual pretty suspects. 

And I had my new Olympus TG-2 camera!  Seems to work very well.  I have to put my usual strap on it, but other than a bit of a change with the button placement, seemed to take great pictures.  And I plan to really read the manual!  (What a concept!)

The Park Ranger announced when I got to the Bay that he had told 2 female visitors to lie in wait for me tomorrow, because they wanted to see octopus…..arrgggh!  Luckily, I will be on Kauai, so perhaps they’ll lose interest by Sunday!  I totally prefer to sneak in and out, unnoticed. With a gaggle of swimmers with me, odds are we will scare the octopus! Which makes them hide.  Which makes me cranky.  And we don’t want that!!



Tako 3 in his den.


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