Posted by: octogirl7 | March 9, 2014

Day 3, No Camera!

At one time in my snorkeling adventures, I considered getting an underwater video camera.

I thought: NAH!  It’ll just be one more thing to carry.

Well, yes, it turned out that it is true, it is one more thing to carry.  However, it now feels like I’m missing a hand if I don’t have a camera in it.

I like being able to mention to someone how many octopuses I see and then being able to prove it.

I like being able to show others the wondrous creation that is the octopus. (YAY, God!)

So today, while I didn’t have any octopuses dancing across the rocks and making me really sad that I wasn’t camera-ready, I did see cute octopuses and found myself raising my hand, preparing to take the shot.  With the hand that held no camera.

So it’s like 2nd nature to me now.  Like breathing out and breathing in. I could go on with the song from My Fair Lady, but you get the drift.

And I saw a flounder before any octopuses!  This cute little flounder slid off the rock and down onto the floor of the ocean.  (That makes it sound so deep, doesn’t it?  But in this case, it was about 5 feet, maybe.)

Once it got down there, it sat and looked up at me.  (NO CAMERA!!) Its little eyes can move independently and did.  Almost as if it were trying to get a view of me that it liked better.  I will grant you, I am very much bigger than this flounder.  Its entire body maybe weighed a pound. Its mouth had migrated sideways, too, and it moved a bit now and then.  I’ll bet if it has conscious thoughts, the thought was: Thank God that big thing left me alone!

Probably the same feeling I get when meeting someone 6 feet five and 300 pounds soaking wet.  Only a good feeling if you know the motives of the bigger entity.

So after the flounder, I also saw a few cute little box fish.  And a cornet.  And lots of butterfly fish. And several parrot fishes.

And then, finally, a total of 3 octopuses.  The first two were quiet.  They noted my arrival, but didn’t seem too bent out of shape about it.  Nor did they come out to greet me.  THAT would definitely be something I’d need that camera for.

Octopus 3 played a game with me.  When I arrived outside its den, I could barely see any octo-flesh.  Just a tiny bit and the smoky sand filtering out of the den, that tells me there is one in the den.  And it had either just arrived, or sent up a smoke screen, hoping that I wouldn’t see it.

So I blew past the den, turned around and waiting. (Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.)  Well, I’m obviously not God, but I was able to breathe shallowly and pause in the water, just out of sight of the den (kinda behind it.)  Sure enough, after a few minutes, the little guy popped up and peeked at me for a minute.  Then it sank back down, out of sight.

I thought, well I wonder if it will play hide and peek again? So I kept back, quiet, not moving much at all. (They have no hearing, but can sense vibration, apparently.)  Sure enough, a few more minutes and again he popped his eyes out above the sand of the den, saw me and then sank down again to hide.

I thought: Surely he wouldn’t do it three times?!

But oh, yes he did.

I found myself wondering how many times he would do it.  But it being Sunday, I don’t have a lot of time, so after 3 games of hide and peek, I swam on and left him alone.

When I started getting out of the water, a nice young girl from Arizona said HI!

I replied: HI!

She promptly informed me that she wasn’t getting into the water because she was afraid a shark would bite her AND that a snapping turtle would bite her.

I told her that in 15 years of swimming here, neither of those things had happened to me.

She replied that she was too smart to get into trouble like that.  She also told me she didn’t like the feeling of sand under her feet.  I was thinking then WHY did you come to a beach?

I said, Where are you from?

Arizona, she replied.

I said, well maybe you’re just not used to the ocean.

She replied that in fact, she had a pool at home, so she knew all about it.

I thought about all the differences between ocean and pool.

Then she said she would be happy just skipping in the water, near the shore.

I said, well, do you know what a scorpion fish is?

She said yes. (But something in the way she said it made me doubt she really knew the animal.)

I said, well i saw one a couple of weeks ago, right near the shore, so she should be careful!

And she went skipping off into the water…..

Ah, youth!


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