Posted by: octogirl7 | March 1, 2014

4 octopuses, 4 eels and only a couple of idjits!

March started out with a warning from the Ranger: jellyfish biting yesterday!

Actually I guess they STING, not bite.  Either way, not my choice.  We discovered that two people had apparently been seriously stung yesterday.  However, today I saw nary a jelly fish and boy, was I happy about that!

I’m all about investigating things in the water, but enough people have written about and even sculpted the things, that I don’t feel a real need.  I was VERY thankful we didn’t see any jelliews.

Four octopuses put on a show for me.  Only one fully out and scampering around BEFORE I got the camera turned on.  Yeah, frustrating, but what can ya do?  I can’t keep it on for a full 2 hours, so I have to turn the camera off and on.  I have it filmed in my mind, so it’s ok.

And I was surprised to see octopus 2 actually was being all visible because he was trying to distract me from Octopus #3, in a den just below him.  It was amazingly low tide, however, so I didn’t get all the film I might have wanted, but happy with what I did get. Tako 2 stayed above in a den, while tako 3 kept to herself in her den, with her arm up over her head.  At least that is what I pictured she was doing.

Tako 1 kept very still, so I got some film of an octopus just sitting there on a rock, with a trevally circling, hoping for a snack. (Which it didn’t get, as far as I could tell.) Tako 4 was hiding in a  long-abandoned den, so happy to see that being used again.  I wondered, since I didn’t see the other little guy further down the bay, if tako 4 was this younger octopus, just grown bigger.  Cannot tell.

The peppered moray eel was looking for a meal from its hole.  I took just a bit of video and then left it alone.  It has the coolest eyes!  They, too, are spotted.  What a crazy cool design.  (I could do without its aggressive nature, however.  Although in its defense, it didn’t chase me this time.  I’m wondering, actually, if this is another peppered moray or the same old one that used to chase me.)

I caught a flotilla of needlefish on video.  Still hard to see them, though the ones today were about a foot from the surface, instead of right up under the waves.

And I only had to give one shouted lecture: this idjit was totally walking on the reef.  Like it was just what you do! Did he not hear the safety lecture?  So I gave him the info.  OK, I had to shout, because he was far enough away not to hear me at a dulcet tone.  And then the idiot did it again later!!!  This Bay gets beaten often enough as it is, we don’t need to intentionally abuse it!  And I was wondering, too, where the Ranger at the beach was……but I do what I can to protect the habitat.

But I didn’t let the lecture and his idiocy spoil my swim.  Four octopus and flat water and no jellies is enough to make any girl happy!  And I am!

tako 1 and trevally 3-1-14Here is octopus 1 with the trevally that helped me find him.


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