Posted by: octogirl7 | February 23, 2014

Some great, some stupid

I absolutely HATE IT when the computer messes up before the draft is saved!  But that’s just me.

So what you missed:

Just before getting into the water, I looked down and was dismayed to see a jelly fish on the beach at my feet.  GRRRR! So I called over one of the other regulars who agreed that indeed it was a jelly fish.  But it was a jelly without its tentacles.  Someone in the water had been hungry. I can only add that I applaud anything that eats jelly fish!

So: to go  in or not to go in?  Gee, this is Sunday! Tomorrow is work and I won’t have the chance again for another 5 days!  So, after waffling for a minute, I decided to go ahead and go in.  After praying.  And after noting I should be really careful and watchful.

After all, God helps and protects me but He doesn’t tell me to be stupid!

It is a pain in the neck, literally, to watch out for jellies.  They float at the surface, so it’s totally counter-intuitive to what I normally do: search the bottom and the rocks for octopuses.  It was probably comical (although I wasn’t laughing), to have to look down, then up, then down, then up.  See what I mean? A real pain in the neck!

But I soldiered on.

And found 6 octopus.  A banner day!  They all let me take a peek and get some video.  But today I took a bit more pity on the cephalopods and didn’t tape them for long. I don’t want ’em mad at me!

A big green headed eel tried to scare me.  Sorta did, too.  But its open jaws didn’t come at me, so I filmed it and swam on.  Felt kinda sorry for whatever it would be eating.

I did get some decent video of the needlefish.  But they are really hard to catch on film, since they, like the jellies, hang near the surface.  And they are silvery.  And they are quick.  Get the idea?  Maybe some videographers are faster than I, which would not surprise me, but I did get something on film.

Pretty sunrise too.  Not exactly how it looks on this photo, however.  Well, due to technical difficulties with Windows Vista and Firefox, the part of the photo played by TOO PINK will not be appearing today!

Maybe I can try again later.

Suffice it to say, 6 octopuses was well worth the jelly sighting.  Which, I might add, I saw no more of in the water.  yay, God!

Beautiful water, and only a bit of a fright.  But six octopuses!  What a great Sunday.


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