Posted by: octogirl7 | February 16, 2014

Speedy Fish

I must say that today was odd, in that two filefish swam by me at full speed!!! Normally, they are meandering, letting me film their pretty colors.  Needless to say, by the time I got my camera turned on and ready to shoot, they were GONE. (And if you think “Well, you should leave your camera on all the time!” Cannot!  It will not stay on, if I’m not shooting.  And anyway, it would run out of juice if I kept it on for two hours!! I’m just sayin’!)

I didn’t see why they were running.  No huge predators swam toward them and by me.  Thank God!  I am really not into seeing sharks.  All the other animals are ok.  (I did see sharks a few times….those are awesome animals, no lie!  They swim 24/7…they are totally out of my league!!)

And I did see my first whale!  Well, it was off in the distance, but I saw the splash.  Thankful for that too.  First of the season.  And here it is February.

Three octopuses.  Two eels, both small.  One snowflake and one undulated, I think.  They were both small, but the undulated was totally sitting in its hole, mouth agape.  It was ready to eat something.  About the only time I’m happy that I’m a big target.

Tako 2 I uploaded, just to show the junk water.  But for the most part, the water was GREAT!  Again, it was hard to get out of the water, but I wanted to be on-time for church.  Which I was.  Do you think God helps traffic lights stay green?!

I had some peek-a-boo action too: one of the octopuses stayed in its hole until I passed by, and then it popped its head up.  Love that!  Love that they are curious.  Otherwise, all I’d see would be octopuses in their dens, just waiting for me to go away.  I try not to stay too long, scaring them, but usually they have an escape hatch, so I’ll bet they are not too worried.  I have noted that one hole with the octopus usually has another hole nearby.  I have never been able to search underground to see how the holes intersect, but I’ll bet they do!  When there’s no octopus obvious in the den, I can see inside.  It looks like an underwater cave with all the sand blown out.  I’ve seen them do their “housekeeping” and blowing sand out of their dens.  Very wily animals.  And pretty always.

Also caught some pencil urchin photos too.  LOVE them.  So vibrant with their red coloring.

And arggghhh!!!  My photo program is messing up, so no photo today. 😦  Come snorkeling and see them yourself!

Thanks, God, for a great snorkel!  Praying for tomorrow!


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