Posted by: octogirl7 | February 10, 2014

covered in sand

Saw 3 octopuses again today.  one was covered in sand, as it waited for me to leave.  (I knew this because it turned from the multi-colored brown to that angry maroon.  Aggies, take note!)

Two flounder also appeared before my camera.  One moved around quite a bit and I should make note to upload that video!

I caught all of my videos with the new camera, the Nikon.  Nice camera!  But I miss the old one, which suddenly refused to let itself be charged again.

Since the water was nice and mostly clear, I ventured into the Keyhole and was rewarded by the sighting of a lei trigger fish.  Most excellent fish!  Pale gray with accents of a orangey yellow.  I think it is subtle, but really lovely.  The video also shows it expelling sand from the food it had eaten through its gills.

Also caught a nice sunrise:

orangey sunrise 2-9-14

God given sunrise 2-9-14

I tell ya, the sunrises are often enough to make me happy to get up so early!

Well, I’m lying.  I DO also enjoy the octo-viewings!!

Now if only I could get people to use their brains when they are driving!!!


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