Posted by: octogirl7 | February 10, 2014

be sure to push the right button at the right time!

You would think with over 300 uploaded videos on youtube, that I could remember which button to push on my camera!  Granted, it is a fairly new camera and since my old camera has definitely given up the ghost (sad isn’t it?) I really must begin to thoroughly know my new Nikon camera.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  The Nikon is a great camera.  But its buttons are all in the wrong place! ha. I believe I have remarked before that the video button is small…..and would be hard to get to with a dive glove on!  Fortunately, I don’t wear one on my right, video, hand, just for that reason. 

But I had a glorious two hours in the water today!

Started out with a small scorpion fish.  WOW.  If it hadn’t moved, I would NEVER have spotted this little guy.  He was being moved a bit by the incoming waves, so I was able to spot him and watch him hop a little bit.  TOTALLY the same color as the rock to which he was moving.  God created an amazing creature in that one!

Of course, knowing as I do that this fish is really venomous and therefore not one to be stepped upon gladly, I finally disengaged myself from my selfishness and got out to tell the lifeguard.  He and I agreed there wasn’t much we could do about it being there.  I told him I could totally see someone stepping on the little critter, to the dismay of both!  And then I got back in the water.

After an hour of nice swimming, seeing all the usual suspects, I was starting to doubt my octo-snooping abilities!  Not even one was spotted.  Of course, I prayed for one.  And when I turned a corner, there he was!

I say HE because just below him in the hole in the rock was his missus, or so I think.  I suspect that one octopus doesn’t normally hang out near another one unless they have reproduction on their minds.  Or cannibalism!

These two seemed quite calm near each other, so I’m doubting the bigger one planned to eat the smaller one.  At least, I hope I’m right.

At first, octopus 1 flew to the underside of a rock near the 2nd octopus.  Then as he grew bolder, he sidled over nearer to the den of the 2nd octopus.  I could almost hear his loud thoughts: WHEN is she going to go away, so I can continue?!

Got some nice video of the 1st octopus.  Not much of the 2nd one, as she remained in the hole.

So I finally decided to leave them to their activities, whatever they turned out to be, and swam over in the the deeper water, in search of octopus 3.  And saw a scrawled (or scribbled) filefish.  And 4 of his friends!!!  What a treat! They are such lovely animals.

They quickly swam away.

I also found a huge cone shell.  I suspect the animal was still in it. I took a photo and also a “measure” photo…a picture of it near my octopus counting number.  It was easily 3 or 4 inches from top to bottom!  Couldn’t see enough of it to determine what type of cone it was….Image

and now, you know the secret: I don’t use a dive glove, but a gardening glove!  It is the only one that offers some protection, yet isn’t so thick that you can’t feel anything.

And my octo-counting system is small plastic cards, on which I have printed the numbers….they go up to 23, but it’s been quite a while since I saw that many octopuses in one dive.

Today, I found 3. The last one hid immediately and so I didn’t get any good photos or video of that one.  Small, though.

Many of my former regulars are not around.  But I have a few new ones that do give me pleasurable times in Hanauma Bay.  Even if I can’t take ’em home!



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