Posted by: octogirl7 | February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday without the Bowl!

It didn’t occur to me at first that the Bay was rather empty for a Sunday.  And then it hit me: there were people who would rather watch a game on t.v. than swim in the ocean!  Can you believe?!!

Obviously, I was NOT one of those people.  Octopus over football?  You betcha!!!

Even thought I needed to leave early, an hour and a half with my octo-buddies is much better than football.  So shoot me.

I saw 4 octopuses.  One flounder.  A couple of snowflake moray eels. And Pencil urchin.  YAY!  Love those red colors.  Take a look:

pincushion urchin 2-2-14Nice picture, huh?  Love the light on the pencil urchin.  This is an urchin I’ve been watching.  It’s out when it’s first light, then it hides in the rocks when there’s more light.  Wish I had the time, money and energy to watch it for a longer time…..wonder what it eats?  When it eats? And who is its predator?

See? I can branch out!  Octopuses are not the only things that are interesting.  I also got a photo of a flounder.  Not a great photo though, so I won’t bore you with it.

I was chuffed to see some small octopuses.  Still a lingering sadness to think the parents are probably dead, but in an uplifting turn of events, I did see a big adult in a “regular” place.  So maybe they are just messing with my emotions.  Who can tell?  I can’t tag ’em, so I don’t know if a big adult is my regular, or a new adult that has moved in.

I tell ya!  The mysteries involved in these cephalopods just never ends.

And I’m thankful for it!


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