Posted by: octogirl7 | January 29, 2014

A great surprise!

Because the weather was iffy (rainy, windy), we had decided that the two girls visiting us probably wouldn’t enjoy the water and a swim.  We were wrong!

I was just about to get into the water then I heard them call my name.  So I got out and was surprised to find the whole family at home on their towel at the beach.

So after greeting everyone, I took the youngest girl in the water.  We held hands, as that was the main way I could think of to keep track of a young girl.

That worked, but it also meant that neither she nor I could kick very well.  And her snorkel kept filling with water.  Not sure what that was about, but once we had tooled around a bit and saw some fish, we got back out.

And I got back in with the elder young lady and we saw 3 octopuses!  SCORE!

It was cute, too.  The first octopus saw us and hid, but curiosity kept him or her popping back out for another look.

Tako 3 saw us and then slid quietly back into its den.  We could still see a bit of it, but not enough for a good photo.

The rain held off until we got out.  And boy did that wind make it cold!  But fortunately, it wasn’t too cold for the girls to go back into the water.  The eldest had this great idea: her sister would sit with crossed legs in the water.  And she would then sit on her lap, so she wouldn’t get sand in her shorts!  Sisters can be so helpful, right?!

Had a lot of fun.  And glad for that surprise!


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