Posted by: octogirl7 | January 25, 2014

50 on the beach!

Today, as I walked up before sunrise to get ready to swim, I was dismayed to see the JELLYFISH sign up at Hanauma Bay.  Not a good sign!

The Ranger on duty said, yes, we had many stings yesterday!  I said, But surely they’ll be gone today right?  Then I asked him why he didn’t keep them away, as there are usually only 2 days per week when I can swim!


He would if he could.

I prayed then got in.  At 7 a.m.  The sun was well up, as I had chatted for a few minutes with one of the other regulars.  She hadn’t seen jellies yesterday, so I took that as a good sign.

I swam to the left, hoping to see my new young, regular octopus.  And saw 3 octopuses!!!

They all posed for me, but didn’t do any underwater acrobatics.  But I enjoyed seeing them just the same.

They all looked at me, too.  Wondering why I was bothering them.  I was surprised to see a couple of them, because someone had just swum through that area and I thought they’d be hiding more carefully.

The third one, though, WAS hiding really well.  Well enough that I would totally have missed him, had I not seen the small trevally circling.

Sometimes that means there’s an octopus.  Sometimes that means there’s an eel.  Needless to say, one is a good thing and one is something to be careful about.

So I searched to see what the fish was circling and was rewarded by finding the medium sized octopus, hiding well back in the hole.  There was a bank of rocky coral over the hole, too, which helped with the hiding.

I shot some film, then decided to swim on.  Once I got to the rocks near the channel, I saw the first jelly fish.  Box jelly.  They are hard to film, but I did get some footage of legs and a bit of the body.  So clear, and that’s why it’s hard to see them until you are on top of them!  Which I nearly was later.  This one was about 2 inches from my legs.  And of course, I did the stupid thing: kicked away from it.  Which sent is swirling a bit toward me.  But I got away unscathed.  Thankfully!

About this time, I decided it might be wise to get out.  After all, 3rd time is the charm.  I didn’t want to get stung.  I do wear a dive skin, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to know if the sting of one of these babies would go through my dive skin to my real skin.  And I don’t want personal experience on that score.  So I swam to the beach, but not before spotting a big green headed eel nose peeking out of the place I used to see El Gigantor octopus.  Sad, isn’t it?  Sometimes you’re the predator, and sometimes the prey.

Coming up to the tram, I told some of the tourists getting off the bus that there were jellies.  One man said, Thank you!  Where is the snorkel rental?  I call that unclear on the concept. 

When I got to the top of the hill,4 I reported the two jellies I saw (and filmed).  The Ranger said they found 50 of them on the beach and several people stung already.  This was only one hour after sunrise!  So I counted myself wise and drove off, headed toward breakfast.


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