Posted by: octogirl7 | January 9, 2014

from 9 to 2?!

Yesterday, on my first 2 hour vacation, I saw 9 octopuses!  Today, only 2!  Why, I wonder?!

Maybe my eyes were tired from yesterday.  Maybe I tired out the octopuses! In any case, it is a privilege and pleasure to visit the octopuses, no matter how many I see.

Yesterday was mostly small ones.  I am always excited to see them.  And I think only one adult.  This could mean, sadly, that they are created the new generation and died.  It still blows my mind that God created a system like that: that the mother dies after her eggs hatch.

Which made me wonder when we were in Boston, whether the octopus there would die: she had eggs in the aquarium, but they were not fertilized….would she die, too?

It took me a long time to find one octopus today, but when I did, it was the only adult I saw.  The same one that usually blows water at me to make me go away.  No blowing today, but even when I waggled my fingers, she still didn’t look too excited to see me.  Go figure!

Lovely clear water, though.  We had been going thru a bit of murkiness in odd areas of Hanauma Bay recently, so I have been very happy yesterday and today to find nice clear water.  Much easier to see my octo-pals when the water is clear!

Sadly, I had to get out of the water, with only 2 sightings under my belt.  But there’s always tomorrow!

After all, folks on the East coast are freezing, and I DO wear my shortie wetsuit, but mostly, it is absolutely glorious to swim here…even in January!!!


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