Posted by: octogirl7 | December 15, 2013

Making the best use of the time

Saw 5 octopuses today, in about an hour.  Better than some of the things you can do in about an hour!

The sunrise was lovely.  One of the octopuses was in a long-empty hole…on top of a coral head.  So that was  a treat! I have been monitoring the den to see if anyone returned and today, someone did.  The little octopus sat still for my camera too.  Much better than sinking down into its hole.

The barracuda loomed over the shallow part of the reef.  He finally nosed out of the picture.  Glad they don’t seem to get into groups, at least not inside the reef.  They are much more intimidating in groups.

Saw a lined butterfly fish too.  Love those: they are as big as dinner plates and if I’m not mistaken, the largest of the butterfly fishes.  And just as I was thinking, Where’s his other half?, another one came scooting into view.  I rarely see one without another.  It’s butterfly love…

That brought to mind God’s coloration and designs: lines, different shades of yellow, fin differences, behaviors.  I even saw what I think was a small pipefish.  It had that circular tail.  I must read about them and see if they do actually come in red and orange. 

But soon it was time to wrap it up and head out to church…too soon!  But I did see that final, 5th, octopus, so it was all good.

Well used time.  And I got to church with 5 minutes to spare!



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